“Bates Motel” season finale preview clip: “Midnight”

It’s been a wild, unexpected ride through the psyche of a young Norman Bates in A&E’s Psycho prequel Bates Motel. While Freddie Highmore has proved a good choice to communicate the awkwardness and potential lethality in the future killer, Vera Farmiga has emerged as the show’s undeniable star. She’s a force of nature in every scene, careening ever-so-closely to Mommie Dearest camp yet still managing to make Norma’s emotions seem the action of a loving, if tragically misguided mother as opposed to the monster from the Hitchcock film.

In this clip from the debut season’s finale, an episode titled “Midnight,” we see how a simple rite of passage like Norman getting ready for a high-school dance can be fraught with almost murderous tension. Norma is obviously never pleased when her son decides to do normal-teenager things that don’t involve her, but she has other things on her mind, notably her showdown with Jake Abernathy (Jere Burns).

Watch the clip, then take to Twitter during the finale — which airs Monday, May 20, at 10pm ET — and follow @InsideBates, producer Carlton Cuse (@CarltonCuse), and stars Max Thieriot (@maxthieriot) and Nicola Peltz (@nicolaanepeltz), who will live tweet with fans during the finale. Then check back here for a recap/review.