Totally Biased With W. Kamau Bell returns tonight with guest Melissa Harris-Perry

Totally Biased With W. Kamau Bell
Thursday, May 9
FX, 11pm ET/PT

Rising star W. Kamau Bell returns with a new batch of episodes of his late-night talk show that unapologetically discusses politics, pop culture, race, religion, sex, the media — you know, all that stuff you’re not supposed to bring up at parties.

Tonight’s guest on Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell will be MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry, who was the center of a controversy for saying in a network promo that “”we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids belong to their communities.” Conservatives blasted this statement, interpreting it as a Marxist cry for collectivism, while Harris-Perry defended herself saying she was only calling for more community investment in children’s futures.

Come September, Totally Biased will be part of the new network FXX, and will go daily instead of weekly with 130 new episodes airing Monday-Thursday at 11pm ET/PT.

Totally Biased W. Kamau Bell Mitt Romney
Credit: Jeffrey Neira/FX


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