Seth MacFarlane to guest-voice on “The Simpsons” season finale

Seth MacFarlane will have his voice featured on all of FOX’s Animation Domination shows on the night of May 19 when he provides a guest voice to the long-running hit The Simpsons in its Season 24 finale (MacFarlane, of course, will also be featured in the one-hour season finales of his own series The Cleveland Show and Family Guy that same evening).

There had been some good-natured (?) ribbing between The Simpsons and Family Guy during the early years of Seth MacFarlane’s show, with Family Guy sometimes joking along the lines of, “The Simpsons did this first,” while some Simpsons episodes even implied plagiarism among the Family Guy creators. But the series seem to have gotten along with each other in recent years, with Family Guy even using some of The Simpsons characters in its parodies on occasion.

Now Seth MacFarlane makes a crossover with his voiceover in “Dangers on a Train,” the second part of an hourlong Simpsons season finale, which starts at 8pm ET/PT May 19 on FOX. In the episode, Marge mistakes a swinging Ashley Madison-type website for a Dolly Madison-type cupcake site, not realizing it’s a destination for married people seeking liaisons. On the site, she meets the charming “Ben” (pictured; guest voice Seth MacFarlane), who pursues her after they learn they share a love for a Downton Abbey-type TV series, Upton Rectory. Ben’s wife is guest-voiced by comic Lisa Lampanelli.

The first part of the season finale is an episode called “The Saga of Carl,” in which Homer, Moe, Lenny and Carl win $200,000 in the Springfield Lottery. But when Carl takes off to Iceland — his homeland — with all the winnings, the guys embark on a Nordic adventure to get the cash back.

The Simpsons Season 24 finale will also feature, at the top of its second episode, the winning fan-favorite entry from among the “couch gag” contest. The Simpsons producers chose three finalists’ submissions, and an illustration was posted online, with fans getting the chance to vote for their favorite. Either Cheryl Brown’s “Dandelions,” Kyle Debona’s “Tubby Trouble” or Ben Feldman’s “Revenge of the Sofa” will be revealed as the winner at the start of the “Dangers on a Train” episode.

The Simpsons Season 24 finale, with guest voice Seth MacFarlane, and the winner of the “couch gag” contest, airs May 19 at 8pm ET/PT on FOX.


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