Rock My RV with Bret Michaels on Travel Channel: Bret gives us the details

Poison frontman Bret Michaels says he’s logged over 3 million miles in a host of rolling homes — from the cozy Winnebagos of his Butler, Pa., youth to the most luxurious Prevost tour buses when he grew up to be a rock star. In fact, the open-road lifestyle is so much a part of Michaels’ DNA that if you hope to get an offstage glimpse at him when he tours your town, don’t look in the lobbies of luxury inns.

“When all my other bandmates stay at hotels on our days off, I actually stay [on the bus] at the big amphitheaters or arenas, or I go out to the state parks or other places and have an absolutely great time — and then I come in for the shows,” laughs Michaels, who called in after a satisfying day’s work on his new Travel Channel series Rock My RV With Bret Michaels.

The 16-episode series features a hands-on Michaels and his crack team of vehicle rehabbers transforming run-down RVs for a variety of owners who consider them an equally vital — and frequently poignant — part of their lives.

From the 2006 Fleetwood that serves as a traveling merch and marketing wagon for the MMA retailer TapouT to a 1992 Coachman that a heartbroken family plans to use in tribute to their late son — and a bunch of other classic campers and compelling tales in between — Michaels is determined to deliver mobile mansions when he reunites the RVs with their families. “The reveal we do is like no other,” he says. “It’s explosive. There’s pyro. We do this big Kabuki drop, and their faces when they see it is pretty awesome.”

Michaels says that he and his cohorts, hot rod customizer Bodie Stroud and design ace Jake Scott, looked to international vehicles as inspiration for some their more dazzling upgrades. “Some of the builds that we have are so over-the-top insane for the amount of room that we had that it is groundbreaking,” he says. “Here in the United States, they’ve never been done before. And it’s still legal. We found a way to make it work and make it safe.”

Making it work is the mantra for the self-proclaimed “drealist” — that’s part dreamer, part realist — who is adamant and proud that the products and projects to which he applies himself and his name are accessible to everyone. “I am a ‘sweat the details’ guy, but my dream was to be creative and turn it into something,” Michaels says. “In my life, there is blood on every dollar. But the harder I work, the luckier I get!”

Channel Guide Magazine: I grew up RVing with my grandparents, too, so you’re a man after my own heart with this show, Bret.

Bret Michaels: My family was bonded both on my mother’s side and my dad’s side when we camped. And I also learned not only about the lifestyle and what it takes to travel. When you do it from childhood on, there’s a certain freedom and a certain bond that comes with that outdoor, open road, Wild West lifestyle. When I’m home I’ll take the Provost and my daughters and we’ll go have fun on the road!

CGM: Do you think people will be surprised to discover that you’re not just hosting this show, but you really are involved in the rehab process from start to finish?

BM: I wanted [the producers] to understand that in hosting this show, I have so much more of what and who I am to add to this show.

And I wanted to make sure that the people understood, you have to trust me and be able to tell me your dream and I’m going to do the best I can to improvise and make that happen and really make them happy.

CGM: Sounds like you’re attempting some pretty epic overhauls, but I’m guessing functionality is always the ultimate goal? Because you really want the owners to use these bad boys, yes?

BM: There’s a lot of tricks involved in making something custom and comfortable, but the most important thing is making it functional. A lot of people forget that. When you grow up doing it, you learn it.

You can say, “I want a bar in there!” but I’m like, “All of them glasses are going to come flying out!” And stuff like do you have enough room when the slides come in or the pop-outs come in to still walk around. Because when you’re traveling down the road, it can get real tight in there. You have to be able to maneuver. And you have to make sure the frame can hold it.

CGM: Should fans of your music worry that you might leave the stage for the set — or the open road — on a permanent basis?

BM: Music is my first love — but of all the shows that I’ve done, this is one that really hits close to home to me. It’s really been a big, great, fun show.

Rock My RV with Bret Michaels airs Sunday nights at 9/8CT beginning May 26 on Travel Channel.

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  2. Hello!! Can you “Rock” my canned ham? I camped with my parents most of my childhood and wasn’t thrilled about it then but now they are gone and I can’t get enough of it now. I absolutely love camping and go as much as possible. I have a 1968 Aristocrat that I constantly make changes (decorating) but can’t seem to get it like I want it. It has no restroon or shower so I rough it on that part. I see the other campers stare at me when I pull into the camp sites and some of them even laugh as it is just me and my dog. Don’t guess they’ve ever seen a girl hookup to a campsite it seems. Anyway, it’s not an RV but a vintage canned ham. Would love to pull into campsites and not be laughed at but I really don’t care because I love camping so much and they eventually say “It’s pretty cool” I have a peace sign and happy face metal sign I hang on it. And when I start loading it up, Pearl (that’s my dog) just goes crazy. she loves it as much as I do. My friends call it my Hillbilly Hotel… Holler!!

  3. I live and work at the GSR in Reno, NV, I live in an RV with my boyfriend, it’s older. I WOULD LOVE A BATHTUB! Is that even possible? I love living in the RV, but I sure do love my baths… lol To make it even more interesting my boyfriend has a 1964 saber, it had been burried in sand, and although he has always wanted to fix it up, money and time haven’t allowed it. Anyway, I’m a huge fan since bus of love.

    Thank you!

  4. If you are needing good start on a potentally eyepoping end product. try my 1989 Holiday Rambler Crown Imperial. Just got it running now I can drive it, the interior is in decent shape the exterior needs a lot of help. thanks for considering. Help

  5. i had the idea 2 years ago to pimp my rv, because everything else was getting this done but rv’s it would be great if bret could make a stop again in la crosse wi. to rock the hell out of my 05 tiffen allegro bay.

  6. We own a 1950 flxible bus. We planned to use it for our retirement travels. Unfortunately my husband is disabled and unable to make the transformation. We are on social security and cannot afford to have it done. Joe is a veteran of the viet nam war. He worked hard for many years and now that he has retired, his health keeps him from making our dream come true. Can you please rock our rv? Our bus has a wonderful body.

  7. We are full time travelers now for the past 10 years after selling all of our possessions and living the easier life we bought our Maggie, our 1992 Class C Fleetwood Jamboree motorhome. She has been a great ride but she is losing her brightness and needs some TLC and would love for you to Rock Our Ride.

    She is beginning to get dry rot, ok a lot of dry rot due to a leak we never knew she had plus the old girl is also rusting in places but we do not want to let her go because she is dependable, reliable and the greatest home we have ever owned. Please Rock Our Ride!!!

  8. I have a 2002 damon intruder that is in great need of work. I lost my brother in 2010. I want so badly to have outside paint done in honor of him. I have drawings that I have done of my brother that I love. He was only 49. We were so close and losing him has torn my heart out. He loved his dog Harley and he loved to ride his Harley.He was a kind and generous person.My world is dark without him. My RV has been damaged from a storm and is in the repair shop now but the insurance company has not agreed to pay for the damage as of yet. I would love to rock my RV in memory of my brother with a Harley interior and painted with my brother’s picture in memory of. God bless you and hope your show is a great hit. I’ll be watching.

  9. Hello Bret ,
    Pour some color on my RV .. Yeahhhhh…
    1996 fleet wood bounder…. Good luck with the show.. Can’t wait to watch it …

  10. Hi. My husband (Roger Franklin) has his own business, (FRANKLIN AUTO & RV REPAIR SERVICE). He owns a 1979 Bounder that really needs a major overhaul. He works so hard on other people RV that he has no time to make his own look nicer. When he pulls into RV parks to work on other people rv’s, ours look like a hunk of junk. Don’t get me wrong, it runs OK except for the rattling of old metal. I’m sure if our rv looked better, his business would increase even more. There is a big RV convention coming up in August that he plans on attending to drum up some new business and I wish he could go with his RV Rocked. Please help him.

  11. Hi! I have a 2005 4-slide Fleetwood Discovery that needs some TLC. I would like mine to be 1 of a kind for many reasons as I’m the type of person that likes different things and not the standard. I have had both hips replaced and lower back surgery, COPD/W/ Chronic Bhronchitus due to smoking (quit 3.5 years ago and I have nueropathy in both legs from the knee down. My wife has had lower back surgery and right knee replacement. We would love for it to be more easily accessible.We would love to fix up the interior as the seating is really poor, we would like toput new carpet, we had a leak in the roof that damaged 2 panels on the inside.We have a washer/dryer combo but it does really small loads and clothes are always wrinkled. Myself nor my wife are able to carry clothes out to be washed so I pay a girl to help. It would really be nice be able not to have to carry them out. We cannot afford to do these updates due to paying what I have to cover for medicines and I’m fixing to be medically retired and we will have less money. I’m also as some called us a Vietnam-Era veteran. I was overseas in Thailand during the Nam evacuation and the Mayaguez ship capture.I would just deeply appreciate having a more comfortable and easier access to my coach as I really do love being a full-timer and want to go and visit as much as I can.

  12. Hey Bret
    My husband has always wanted an airstream, we bought a 1977 the inside is in pretty bad shape the outside is not that bad. He wants to remodel it but we never can find the extra money. He really deserves this project he a amazing father and husband, and he’s worried we won’t be able to restore it before the kids get to big to enjoy it with us. I hope we can learn and use tips from your new show. Please any advise would be great. Good luck with the show and GOD bless you and your family.

  13. i live in minnesota and my dad,my sister and i have been taking trips down rte.66. each year we get a little further towards the coast. he tried to get our mom to get an rv and go on this trip with him. she told him after she passed he should get an rv and do that but she was not doing it. after she passed he got a 1992 fleetwood pace arrow vision 36 ft motorhome. it has been a great ride but could use a little upgrading. we go every year and take our time seeing the mother road. we have not gotten halfway yet. i thought it would really be cool if it could be customized into a rte. 66 touring machine. we try to take our time and reconnect with america but also never know how long dad will be with us. growing up my parents would rent motorhomes sometimes and the family would set out on the open road. now i do the driving and let dad enjoy the rv the way he could not when i was young, as a passenger. it would make his life if you did something like this for him. either way we will finish our quest to the coast. it truly is a great way to reconnect with america. it has restored my faith in this country that it is filled with lovely truly interesting characters. thanks for listeneing.

  14. Bret i’m doing this for my brother…he lives in his RV. Recently here In Illinois we have alot of rain. The levee broke and his RV was flooded with all his belongings in there. Not only that he was getting his van fixed and that was also left under water….He’s had a rough life and is now staying with a friend. He really has a tough time in life and this just put him way back….It would be great if he could get some good news for once and feel like life isn’t against him….well that’s it. I love my brother and just would like him to get a new start! Also u Rock! Love U Bret!

  15. My classic 1975 GMC RV is a 12000 lb hot rod w/ plumbing, (A 1975 GMC holds the speed record for RVs) It is all original, shag carpeting,whale cord upholstry and 8 trac radio.These were only made for a few years in the 70s. What keeps these 35 year old beauties going is the many GMC clubs around the USA and elsewere. My old gal is in need of a rehab (RV,not girlfriend)Iam sure their would be a lot of intrest from the other 12000 GMC owners who will be watching your show.Good luck with the show.

  16. Hello My name is Ron St John and I have a famous Motor Home Called “THE TOAD” she is a 1972 Dodge Champion. She is on the cover of the paperback edition of the best selling book “RAMMER JAMMER YELLOW HAMMER” A journey into the wild and crazy world of college football tailgating at the University of Alabama. You can see a picture of her at .”THE TOAD” has always had a very colorful life and great ride even in her earlyist beginnings I bought her in 1995 after a divorce that cost me my most prized possession, no not my wife my camper. I didn’t mind seeing her go but when she took my camper, that broke my heart. I had some friends who had “THE TOAD” and I tried months to try to get them to sell it to me but to no avail, finally one night after a lot of beers I convinced them to sell her to me and gave them a deposit and told them when they got up the next day and I would come and get her. The next day Henry calls me not to tell me to come get “THE TOAD” but that it had been stolen. Two weeks went by then finally word came that someone had robbed a bank and were found at their hideout in the woods,staying in a green 1972 Champion aka “THE TOAD”. I had to have a tow truck get her out as driving Motor Homes in the woods is not a good thing, Not only did it tear out the septic system and gas tank but also damaged the transmission. Needless to say I had fun getting all that back together before football season. In the 1999 Season a young man came to us on our first game and told us he was a reporter for the New York Times and was looking for a group of tailgaters to write a book about ALABAMA FOOTBALL TAILGATING. He went around several groups but he kept coming back to us. We didn’t know weather to believe him but as Bama tailgaters do we welcomed him into the group and he followed us around, wrote about our crazy fun times and when it came time to print the book he called me up and wanted to put “THE TOAD” on the cover of the paperback edition. Since then it became a best selling book and even had the rights sold to Half Shell Ent. for a HBO movie. “THE TOAD enjoyed many years of Alabama Tailgating but three years ago the Recession and some major repairs needed to”THE TOAD” made me retire her to the lower forty. She wants to live again and has many more stories to tell. Will you help me bring her back to her former glory. Thank you and I hope to hear from you

  17. hey bret…i’am from youngstown…i have a 1990 MCI 102c that i use for my LED light business [we make and invent them]i bet the farm on this project and we are going against the big old name light bulb companys who would like to run me and the bus off a cliff or under a low underpass…we just got our first break with a major aeronautics company with an order and i would like to just upgrade the interior for trade shows and family outing…[wife hates my bus and taxi cab collection]…i’am youngstown tough…and not afraid to say it…is that ambrosa on trumps show really a chick?…if you got larry flints cell# please call and ask if he has any nudes on file…looks like a transformer to me man……… best regards dave

  18. Rock my 2001 fleetwood southwind storm. Please. Paint it purple. For pancreatic cancer. That’s whatbim dying from, and would love to travel the country before the my end on earth. Rock on

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