Inside the Actors Studio celebrates its 250th episode May 29

Beloved Inside the Actors Studio host James Lipton is about to get his 250th opportunity to ask Hollywood’s top thespians to confess their favorite curse word.

On Wednesday, May 29, Bravo will celebrate the landmark series’ 250th episode with a special 2-hour event that includes new interviews with former guests including Barbara Walters (who admires Lipton’s interview skills), Dave Chappelle (who marvels at Lipton’s aversion to pre-interviews), Jay Leno (who describes his envy for the show’s freewheeling format), Conan O’Brien (two words: horny manatee), plus Bradley Cooper, Robert DeNiro, Jennifer Lopez, Christopher Walken, Conan O’Brien, Ellen Burstyn and Spike Lee.

Famous fans will also chime in with their favorite moments and memories from the show’s 19 seasons.

In addition to high points from Lipton’s signature Pivot-meets-Proust questionnaire that ends each episode, the special will feature highlights from past seasons that include Chris Rock discussing his expulsion from Bible school, Will Smith requesting that Lipton “get jiggy with it,” Will Ferrell memorably impersonating of his host, and Drew Barrymore talking candidly about her childhood substance abuse.

Calling the episode a celebration rather than your basic retrospective, Lipton says it will highlight “a glittering parade of our most memorable moments, chosen — on air — by a galaxy of favorite former guests and some of our most renowned fans from every walk of life in talks with me, and by our viewers in America and around the world.  In short, it’s two hours of laughter, tears and surprises, leading to the moment this multitude of witnesses has chosen as the most thrilling Inside memory of all … so far.”

You can be a part of the celebration, too, by logging onto Bravo’s web site before 6pm ET on May 9 and voting for your all-time favorite episode from a list of contenders that include Steven Spielberg, Meryl Streep, Robin Williams, Dave Chapelle, and George Clooney. James Lipton will announce the winner on the 250th episode celebration.

Inside the Actors Studio‘s 250th episode celebration premieres Wednesday, May 29, at 7pm ET/PT.

Image/video: Bravo


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  1. Yikes! I thought I had this taped on TIVO, but it did not record. Is there any way I can see this or will it be on again sometime soon????

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