My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Season 2 finale preview

It’s time for a two-hour, two-episode Season 2 finale, My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding fans, and it all begins Sunday night, May 5, at 8/7CT.

In the first, “All Bets Are Off,” we have the dual tales of Romanichal bachelors Rodell Stanley, 20, and Teddy Lee, age and last name unknown.

Rodell isn’t going to be a bachelor much longer, though, because he’s planning to marry 16-year-old Dorothy Martin, baby sister of the birthday-king twins Tommy and Teddy from the “Double Wedding, Double Trouble” episode a few weeks back.

Even though Rodell professes to have lascivious thoughts about every woman he sees and dictates Dorothy’s every move, Dorothy is a placid girl who is willing to do everything for her man (including fishing his boxers out of the toilet when they accidentally fall in). The two will have a Las Vegas wedding, funded by Rodell, with Tommy, Teddy and the Martin’s mother Diane in tow.

Rodell has even designed Dorothy’s Sondra Celli wedding dress to suit the Sin City theme. And it’s a doozy.

Meanwhile, Teddy Lee is a traveling paver who professes to have a girl in every port, er, town he visits. But right now, he’s in Coleman, Alabama, with his pregnant gorger girlfriend Megan.

Even though he’s about to be a family man, Teddy Lee demonstrates his snappy pickup techniques for the camera.

Then he demonstrates how well they work at a local nightclub.

Teddy says his father always told him you gotta be like Tarzan: you don’t let go of one vine until you’ve got ahold of another. Teddy’s other vine is a wild gorger girl named Corrie. Soon enough, Vine One gets wind of Vine Two and Teddy Lee has more problems than just the Coleman locals getting wise to his less-than-upstanding business practices.

Meanwhile, in Vegas, Rodell, Tommy and Teddy decide to venture out and sample the Vegas nightlife, leaving Dorothy and Diane to bunk together in the honeymoon suite until it’s time for the actual honeymoon. Eventually Mama Martin succumbs to the lure of the slot machines and the bride-to-be is left alone to clean her already-clean hotel room.

Finally, Dorothy has had enough solitude and goes in search of her groom. She finds him admiring the, uh, talents of the waitresses at Gilley’s Saloon. Dorothy is mortified and isn’t sure she should go through with her vows. Diane, however, decides the scantily-clad servers have nothing on her girl. She takes the demure Dorothy for a top-to-toe makeover to show Rodell what he’s about to lose if he doesn’t shape up.

Will Teddy Lee settle down with Megan, run off with Corrie or just plain run off? Will Dorothy’s makeover cure her fiancé’s wandering eye? Find out when My Big American Gypsy Wedding: “All Bets Are Off” premieres Sunday night at 8/7CT.

Immediately following, the series’ blowout season finale, “Love Is a Battlefield,” features four teen girls — including My Big Fat America Gypsy Wedding favorite Priscilla Kelly — pinning their various hopes for the future on the annual Romanichal Valentines ball in Nashville. It’s the biggest gypsy event of the year, drawing Romanichal families from across the country to have a good time and find prospective mates for their children.

Georgia rebel Chelsea wants to defy her super-strict (and slightly hostile) grandmother Mary Ann and go to the ball because she’s hoping to run off with a boy she met on Facebook a few days before. Chelsea’s mom and aunt are in jail, and Mary Ann makes no bones about planning to keep her lively granddaughter from the same fate. Finally, worried that her granddaughter will take off for Nashville without her, Mary Ann agrees to accompany Chelsea to the event — but she’s wary.

In Huntsville, Ala, 18-year-old Heather still attends high school, even though most gypsy girls her age have dropped out to find a man. Heather’s mother, Connie Small, says that even though most gypsy men want their women uneducated and subservient, her girl is going to learn. Heather hasn’t told her classmates that she is a gypsy, until one of her study partners asks why her sisters are always with her and she tells him, “Remember Hitler and the Nazis, how they killed all the gypsies and Jews? Well, they didn’t kill all of ’em.”

For Heather, the Valentines Ball will serve as the deciding factor in whether she will go on to college or follow gypsy tradition and marry an appropriate boy. And she has a boy in mind, hoping he will meet her at the dance.

In Memphis, Brandy, 18, is severely sheltered by her family. Brandy is a “first class” — meaning she stays properly at home and has never been touched by a boy. Still, Brandy has managed to talk in secret with a potential suitor via phone for  the past couple of months. She says the relationship is serious and she’s hoping her mystery man will meet her at the dance. Even if he does, it’s going to be tough to get anywhere near her. In addition to her over-protective immediate family, Brandy’s cousin, Teddy Lee — yes, the same Teddy Lee — has been called in to help guard the girl.

Meanwhile, in Hampton, GA, Pat Baby’s girl Priscilla is suffering the effects of jealous rumors that are threatening her reputation. Pat Baby and his missus Louann are livid about the gossip and hoping to match Priscilla up with her 28-year-old fourth cousin, Harry, to preserve her good standing in the gypsy community. Priscilla is all for the match, saying that she and Harry sometimes spend 22 hours a day on the phone. She’s hoping he will propose at the ball.

Because the event is such a big deal, Sondra Celli has been tapped to create dresses for all four of the girls, even though the gorger-fied Heather would prefer something a little — OK, a lot — more understated. But when her light-up, Connie-approved, sky-blue confection arrives, she’s thrilled to bits.

And the girls aren’t the only ones getting blinged up for the party — to sweeten the deal, Priscilla’s family plans to buy Harry an outfit for the ball, too.

So much to wonder about as party time arrives! Will Chelsea’s man show up to whisk her away from Grandma? Will Heather opt for college or fall for her gypsy prince? Will Harry pop the question to Priscilla? And who is Brandy’s mystery man — or will Teddy Lee ruin the party for everyone before we find out?

Find out on the My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Season 2 finale, Sunday, May 5 at 9/8CT on TLC.

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