Univision’s NASCAR telenovela “Arranque de Pasion, La Historia de Ela”

Arranque de Pasion

Univision’s NASCAR-themed telenovela Arranque de Pasion, La Historia de Ela makes its prime-time TV debut with a special edited version on Sunday, May 5, at 10:15pm ET/PT. This original webnovela is about a talented NASCAR driver who has been playing second fiddle to her longtime boyfriend.

Arranque de Pasion

My college Spanish is a little rusty, and it’s more fun to let Word translate stuff anyway. (Czech is supposed to be Checo.) So here’s the translated series description (may contain spoilers) from Univision.com:

This story takes place between wheels of chariots of speed, where the competition and love intertwine. In the center of the story have a triangle of three successful runners (Ela Rivella – Kate de el Castillo / Czech Fernández – Carlos Ponce and Jordi Fernández – Christian Meier), where the Gallants are brothers and come into conflict for the love of Ela.

Originally Jordi and Ela are couple, but we see how the relationship has frayed because of competition and professional zeal by Jordi, trying to minimize the success of Ela. She in turn is approaching increasingly to Czech, who gives his support, shelter and love in secret.

To Jordi develops the story discovers the romance that is between his “brother” and his ex-girlfriend, taking it to explode in anger assaulting Czech physically. From this moment is marked between the two brothers a revalidate for the love of Ela, which will be increased in the competition on the track.

Czech, being head of the Walsh team mechanics, it passes to take the place of Jordi as a pilot, when it decided to switch to the opposite team (Astro-Jensen). A fierce competition among them for winning first place in NASCAR racing is here unleashed.

While this happens, Ela and Czech narrowed their relationship, personal and professional, becoming faithful allies, to the point of becoming champions as co-team of the Walsh team.

Here are the first three episodes of the series:


Photo: Credit: 285232Univision Studios/NASCAR

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