My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding preview: Family feuds and angel wings

Lori Acken

Coming this Sunday on TLC’s My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, there is no wedding at all. Instead, we discover that three families featured in the past are actually interconnected. And none by much of anything good.

To get you prepped, here are the basics.

Aspiring pop singer Jackie Dee from a couple weeks back is a member of the Small clan — and, it turns out, the sister of Pookie, the boy who convinced Nukkie, the 14-year-old daughter of AGW and Gypsy Sisters star Nettie Stanley, to run off with him at the end of Season 1.

As the Small clan prepares for a blowout birthday bash for siblings Jackie Dee and Pookie, we learn that the bloom is off the rose for Pookie and his girl. Though they are considered unofficially married, Nukkie has yet to have her big fat gypsy wedding and it’s looking less and less likely that she’ll get one.

Meanwhile, in Princeton West Virginia, we find out that Tammy Boswell, mother of the remarried Elvis from a few more weeks back, married one of the eight children of jovial 74-year-old Romanichal Mildred Boswell.

The Boswell clan is a formidable presence in the town of 6,000 — and the mortal enemies of the aforementioned Smalls, a feud triggered when Pookie battled one of Mildred’s grandsons some years back. We find this out because the Boswells are also planning a party — one to cheer up their matriarch, who has recently lost both her beloved husband and a daughter. And they’re worried that the Smalls may crash it.

Turns out, the Smalls are equally concerned about the Boswells creating havoc and Jackie and Pookie’s party, so they’re taking their show a whopping 300 miles down the road from their Christiansburg, VA., home to Suffolk.

In the midst of all this family feuding, Sondra Celli has been tapped to create a rainbow of party dresses for Mildred, her daughters Maxine and Linda — whose daughter-in-law Kayla received this season’s gold-gilded wedding gown — and daughters-in-law Tammy and Lisa. She’s also decking out the Small siblings — Pookie in a bedazzled white tux and Jackie Dee in a crystal-encrusted bustier, shredded jeans and enormous, feathered angel wings that light up.


With the Small’s affair so far away, the only guest who feels unwelcome is Nukkie, who is being ignored by her birthday-boy beau. As Pookie enjoys the attentions of another girl, Nukkie heads back to the hotel alone and contemplates returning to her family, even though her reputation will be sullied and she’ll miss her best bud Jackie Dee.

Will the Boswells crash the Small party? Will the Smalls crash the Boswell party? And if Nukkie does decide to head to home to Mama, will Mama take her back?

Find out when an all-new episode of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding airs Sunday, April 28, at 9/8CT.


  1. Why did Nukkie let herself go like that?? She was so pretty before! On the plus side she’s still so young that she can snap back into shape.

  2. I felt really bad for Nookie. She clearly has low self esteem to even consider staying with that loser. She can do much better. Besides Pookie’s attention towards his sister seemed a little creepy.

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