• jinx monsoon for the win! roxy is a total bully that cant go a single episode without insulting someone. jinx all the way

  1. I want Jynkx to win with Alaska as runner up. Roxxy is beautiful but she’s a bully. Bullying isn’t just done by homophobes, but in the world of Drag as well. Enough already. I think if Roxxy won, it would validate her bullying behavior and that’s not the message that Drag should be making.

  2. I love Jinxx, BUT I think Alaska should win. She is a little more rounded as a queen. If Roxxy wins, I think it will be the end for me and RuPaul’s Drag Race. I love the show. I am a straight single white female and just am in aahhwwee at how good they can do their make-up. I love the gays……Back to the vote….. Please Please pick Alaska… if not, please please pick Jinxx……

  3. I thought I knew who I was voting for, but after watching this episode it is a tossup between Jinkx and Alaska. If either of these two were to win, I would be happy with the decision.

  4. It just about broke my heart when Roxxxy told about being left at a bus stop. I hated when my kids left for school so I can’t imagine anything so awful. But it’s no excuse for being a bitch, especially to Jinxx! Just like last season I began liking the ladies who were the kindest back stage- LaTrice Royale and of course Sharron Needles! Alaska has grown on me after Detox was booted and ‘Rolaxative’ was no more. The last episode showed Alaska hanging more with Jinxx than Roxxy and I finally saw just why Sharron loves her (other than 13 drag queens jaws dropping as he- yup! HE! swung his…hips…dancing around the room!) It’s really sweet. But Jinxx is my girl! I LOVE JINXXIE!! I can relate with her because both of my parents were alcoholics- my Mom passed away from Cirrosis of the liver in 1994 and Dad in a car accident- shockingly no alcohol was involved, in 2007. Jinxx needs to win this. It’s obvious she has trained and worked her ass off. Plus she has to work twice as hard to take one little red headed boy to a gorgeous woman! I love the vintage clothing and make up. And one more thing- does anyone believe the apology from Roxxxy to Jinxx on the runway was real or for judges votes? I don’t think it was real, it was carefully choreographed to make her look better. BItch! I can’t wait the 3 weeks until the end!

    • I don’t know if Roxxxy’s apology was real or not, but I know Detox was upset with how her breakdown during the mini-challenge was handled in the broadcast. In the Elimination Lunch she mentioned that a lot of other things happened before she had her meltdown that weren’t shown. Maybe that’s the case with Roxxxy’s confession. Both Jinkx and Roxxxy said that their ‘closing arguments’ were way longer than what was shown. So, we’ll see.

      Either way, go Jinkx!

      • Roxxy’s apology was so fake it hurt her face to even say the words… it was for the judges only.

  5. Hi, I hope and pray that Alaska or Jinxx wins, i like them both. dont like that Roxy character, sorry truth be told.

    • Y’all should watch the Elimination Lunch if you haven’t already. Sounds like Roxxxy knows that she came off looking badly. I don’t think she’s intentionally mean, but girl needs to work through some stuff, which to me means she’s not quite ready to be America’s Next Drag Superstar.

  6. I’m hoping Alaska or Jinxx win this because I CANNOT STAND that orange, talentless Cunty!

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