My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding preview: taboo romances and second chances

On this Sunday’s My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, my favorite Traveller, Pat Baby, reveals what happened since his Season 1 appearance — plus a same-sex gypsy couple decides to make it official and a Romanichal woman shunned by her community for marrying a gorger hopes their daughter’s elaborate christening will mend fences.

In Huntsville, Ala., Romanichal gypsy Tommy and Roma gypsy Ivan are planning their wedding. Both left their communities behind after being bullied by family and friends for being gay, and together they’ve built a happy life and a close-knit family of gorger friends.

In proper gypsy-wedding fashion, Tommy plans to order a Sondra Celli suit for the occasion and surprise his groom with one of his own. This will be a first for Celli who says that most gay gypsies hide their sexual preference behind a traditional marriage. Because of the unusual circumstance, she plans to hand-deliver the suits and attend the wedding, too. Then the men begin the agonizing process of convincing their families to be there.

Meanwhile, in Bremen, Ga., 20-year-old Romanichal Angelina was also turned away from her gypsy community for falling in love with gorger Chad. The couple’s daughter, Bella Rose, is about to turn 1, so Angelina is planning a proper gypsy christening in hopes of reuniting with her family and friends. Angelina says this is make or break — if the community still shuns her and her family, they will make a fresh start elsewhere. To display her gypsy loyalties, Angelina has ordered baby Bella an appropriately blinged-out dress, pacifier and stroller for the big day.

Back in Alabama, Ivan arranges a meeting with his mother, Helen, to convince her to be a part of his and Tommy’s wedding. But Helen sends Ivan’s tough-cookie sister Connie (a Stockard Channing lookalike) in her place. Connie says gypsies believe that homosexuals are possessed by demons, and she tells Ivan he’s shaming the family. Ivan tells her that gypsy women like her are the reason he’s gay.

In Douglasville, GA., we learn that since we last saw Pat Baby and his wife Louann at their daughter’s Halloween party in Season 1, the couple hit a rough patch and divorced. In the past year alone, Pat Baby lost his sister, his father and his best friend, and the overwhelming grief caused him to turn to drugs and alcohol for comfort. Fed up and heartbroken, Louann took their two children and left — sending Pat Baby on a further downward spiral that landed him in prison. Since gypsy women typically don’t hold jobs, Louann must figure out how to support herself and her children with no income and a sixth grade education, so the trio move in with Louann’s mom, Karen.

Pat Baby

But that’s not the only worry on Louann’s mind. If she breaks from Pat Baby permanently, she will likely be shunned by their Traveller community, because women are expected to forgive their men’s transgressions. Mindful of this, Louann decides to pick her wayward husband up when he’s released from prison and the man is clearly thrilled. Seeing a second chance at happiness, Pat Baby launches a campaign to put his life back together and win over his wife and her skeptical mother.

Meanwhile, Ivan and Tommy discover that Tommy’s West Virginia family is proving no more open to their union than Ivan’s — until one crucial member comes around.

Will Angelina’s community attend her celebration and accept her family — or is a move in her immediate future? Will Tommy and Ivan have any family members on hand for their wedding? And is the second time the charm for Louann and Pat Baby? Find out on an all-new episode of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, Sunday, April 21 at 9/8CT on TLC.

Images/video: TLC

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  1. I love this show , it is so entertaining!
    SPOILER ALERT: I have saw this episode and feel sorry for Bellarose , Chad and Angelina how hardly nobody shows up for the party and christning .

    I also feel sorry how Ivan and Tommy were neglected for being gay.I think gay’s have the right to marry just as much as a man or woman.

    I hope both famillies have a full and satisfying life .

    I love the name Bellarose , i am so naming my daughter that when i have one! Beutiful baby , beautiful name!

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