Syfy reschedules Boston-set disaster movie “Stonados”

Updated Oct. 4, 2013, 9:52am CT

Originally scheduled to premiere on April 27, the Syfy Original Movie Stonados has been pulled from the schedule, according to a Syfy release today, due to its Boston setting, and the ill-timing based on the recent, real-life tragic events in that city this week.

“In light of recent events in Boston, the Syfy Original Movie Stonados has been removed from the schedule — Saturday, 4/27 at 9p — to be rescheduled at a later date,” read the release from Syfy.

Although filmed in Canada, the disaster movie Stonados does take place in Boston. According to a plot synopsis from Syfy, Stonados stars Paul Johanssen, William B. Davis and Thea Gill, and is about a freak weather system that hurls deadly boulders onto the city of Boston, with destructive results.

Given the tragedy that unfolded this week in Boston, Syfy likely thought it to be inappropriate to show even more mayhem, however fictional, affecting the city. Still shots from the film online showing a fictionally devastated Boston seem to bear out that perhaps it is too soon for the film to be shown when real devastation is clearly in the minds of everyone.

Syfy says that the April 27, 9pm, time slot will now be filled with a repeat of the movie Swamp Volcano, and other movies will be shuffled during the day. No specific word on when Stonados will be rescheduled, though an update from Syfy on May 13 says that the film “will now air in the fall.”

UPDATE 10/4/13: A scheduling update from Syfy indicates that Stonados is premiering Nov. 23 at 9pm.

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