Storage Wars returns tonight for Season 4 on A&E, Jeff Dunham guest stars

Storage Wars
Tuesday, April 16
A&E, 9 & 9:30pm ET

Despite all the off-screen drama — including the suicide of one cast member, and another cast member suing the producers claiming the show is fake — Storage Wars returns tonight for Season 4 with two new episodes.

In “Auctioning for Dummies,” Darrell Sheets finds his way back to Stanton, Calif., after having scored the biggest haul in the show’s history. Viewers will also see one of the final appearances of Mark Balelo, who was found dead in February in the garage of his Simi Valley business after inhaling exhaust fumes from his car engine. He shows up in this episode with a custom-made man purse full of money. The A&E-provided description also says that “Barry gets his motors running” and “Nabila Haniss gets run up on a locker … that’s fit for a dummy.” That’s their cute way of saying that ventriloquist comedian Jeff Dunham guest-stars.

Jeff Dunham Storage Wars A&E

In “Breathalyze This,” the action returns to Surf City, USA, where Barry has brought king of kitsch Charles Phoenix to “view” an auction firsthand. Darrell learns that home-field advantage may not be a real thing, while Jarrod buys solo only to have Brandi drag him down to the station.

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  1. When will the Jeff Dunham show: Making of a Dummy be put on A & E or Biography channel tv again?

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