My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding preview: Mamas and Dramas

This Sunday on My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, yet another gorger girl prepares to become a proper gypsy wife, a gypsy teen sets her sights on a singing career — and Mellie Stanley’s mama, Lottie Mae, scores more time in the spotlight.

In Princeton, WV, gypsy Timmy, 24, is so proud of his Romanichal heritage that he has an R for “Romani-” tattooed on one side of his face and C for “-chal” on the other. Nonetheless, Timmy has found his match in Kayla, a beautiful, levelheaded gorger.

Timmy’s mom, Linda, says Kayla must learn to be a good gypsy wife in order to deserve her boy, so she’s out to make sure that happens — a process known as “cooking” in the gypsy community. Linda turns to her sister-in-law Tammy from last week’s episode — in which Tammy’s gypsy son Elvis remarried gorger Eden — for advice on getting the job done.

Kayla’s family refuses to acknowledge the union, which Kayla says makes it extra important that she becomes a proper part of Timmy’s clan, but Timmy tells his bride-to-be that she has to stand up to the women in his family or they’re going to eat her alive. Which becomes even more apparent when Kayla’s dream of a sleek and tasteful wedding gown clashes with Linda’s determination to see her daughter-in-law in a duly massive and blinged-out Sondra Celli confection

Celli floats a solution: her first-ever 24-kt-gold-gilded wedding dress. Mermaid style at the top for Kayla. Poofy at the bottom for Linda. We have a tentative winner.

Meanwhile, down the road in Blacksburg, VA, 16-year-old Jackie Dee Small is a proper gypsy cleaning machine, but she really dreams of becoming a pop sensation. Though it goes against the norm for gypsy girls, Jackie Dee’s dad Harry and mom Dovie gives her permission to give it a go. The family packs up for a trip to Nashville in order for Jackie Dee to meet with Madd Talent record producer Charles and shoot a video for her self-penned debut song.

Harry and Dovie are excited at the prospect of their daughter’s fame, but they also worry that if Jackie does become a pop star in the gorger world, she’ll attract too much attention from boys — a situation not helped along any by the video’s artistic director wanting to move a few additional bodies into the shoot for visual interest.

Gypsy Wedding Jackie Dee

Also in the episode, we get some further insight into the first days of freedom for Lottie Mae Stanley of Gypsy Sisters fame. The mother of last year’s American Gypsy Wedding breakout stars Mellie and Nettie Stanley scammed over $1 million, mostly from car dealerships and banks, using bad checks. Finally released from prison after ten years and with her sisters’ help, Lottie Mae has a few goals: to reunite with the compassionate detective who ultimately brought her down with the help of America’s Most Wanted, and to reunite with her 11 children and meet the scores of grandchildren born while she was in prison.

Will Kayla make it down the aisle in her golden gown — or are Linda’s cooking efforts too much for her to bear. Will Jackie Dee’s daddy pull the plug on his girl’s career even before it begins? And how many of Lottie’s children will show up to greet their mom?

Find out when an all-new episode of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding airs Sunday, April 14, at 9/8CT on TLC.


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