Deadliest Catch 2013 return is April 16 on Discovery Channel

Updated April 18, 2013, 1:47pm CT

The Deadliest Catch 2013 return with new episodes is April 16 at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel, according to the network. This marks the ninth season of Deadliest Catch, the Emmy-winning reality series from Thom Beers that chronicles the treacherous lives of crab fishermen.


Deadliest Catch Season 9 finds the veteran captains back, but this time the young deckhands and skippers are planning on giving them a run for their bounty. The seven skippers and their crews battle in search of King and Opilio crab.

“This year a lot of young guys are trying to get a start, make a name for themselves. When you’ve got guys that are hungry, that’s when things get nasty, that’s when the gloves are off,” Northwestern Captain Sig Hansen says. “Especially when you’ve got experienced and inexperienced people playing in the same sandbox. That’s when it’s a war.”

Hansen is a 30-year veteran and a third-generation fisherman. Other vets returning in Deadliest Catch Season 9 include Keith Colburn of the Wizard, the Hillstrand brothers on the Time Bandit and legendary skipper “Wild” Bill Wichrowski, who will return at the helm of the F/V Cape Caution.

Young gun Captain Scott Campbell Jr. and his newly rebuilt Seabrooke will be there to defend his status as a legend. Meanwhile, the youngest skipper in the fleet, Elliott Neese, is all in during Deadliest Catch 2013 as he returns as the owner of his own boat, the F/V Saga. With over $1 million in the hole and ten bucks to his name, the stakes have never been higher for Neese.

While the skippers wage war for crab supremacy, the youth seek opportunity. Time Bandit deckhand Josh Harris attempts to keep his father’s fishing legacy alive, while on the Northwestern, both Edgar Hansen and Jake Anderson’s quest for a captain’s chair comes closer to reality.

New as a part of Deadliest Catch Season 9 will be The Bait — a series of one-hour “pre-game” shows beginning at 8pm ET/PT on Tuesdays starting April 16. The Bait will offer an inside look at the upcoming episode from the captains, who will talk fishing, drama and what to expect on a given night’s episode of Deadliest Catch.

Deadliest Catch Season 9 airs Tuesdays at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel beginning April 16.

The Deadliest Catch “pre-game” show The Bait airs Tuesdays at 8pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel beginning April 16.


Credit: Discovery Channel


  1. Rumors are swirling that the Cornelia Marie won’t be included in the new season. Wondering if that’s true and why? Capt. Phil Harris and the Cornelia Marie were one of the pioneers of this show! How could they NOT be included now that Josh Harris will have the C.M. back in the water?

  2. this is written 7//13, just watched the show and it strikes me Elliot would know that there are a million fish in a square mile in the sea! He needs to grow a set or go uy some more panties. how does he spell his name? Elliot or idiot!!

  3. I really enjoy the Deadliest Catch, am delightfully surprised that the show is on a come back. Just wondering if the Maverick and the Cornelia Marie will return to the show at a later date. I miss Captain Phil, good to know the salt and spice is still there with the current captains. Hopefully, Jake Harris can get on track with the help and the support of his fellow crewmates. I haven’t heard of “the bait” will watch that too. I’m hoping that “after the catch” will return also.

    be safe, be kind, and play fair.


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