Turtleman returns in Call of the Wildman Season 2 starting June 2

“Live Action” returns as Animal Planet’s hit series Call of the Wildman and its charismatic star, Ernie Brown Jr. (a.k.a. Turtleman) — is back for a second season starting June 2 at 9pm ET/PT, the network announced today. Call of the Wildman Season 2 will feature 20 new episodes.


With his crew of backwoods buddies known as “Team Turtle,” including banjo-toting Neal James, Turtleman continues to protect homes and businesses from all sorts of critters, including coyotes, llamas, venomous snakes, pigeons, skunks, crocodiles and even bulls.

Call of the Wildman Season 2 will even feature Turtleman leaving his neck of the woods during the colder winter months and visiting new and exotic locations, including crossing state lines into Texas, and even traveling south of the border to Mexico for a one-hour special episode highlighting his first international animal rescue.

Some of the other “Live Action” featured in Call of the Wildman Season 2 will include:

* Ernie receives a frantic call from his mother (a.k.a. “Turtlemom”) asking him to relocate his childhood snapping turtles, which have been occupying her pond for the last three decades. But little does Ernie know that Turtlemom is looking for some “live action” herself and jumps at the chance to assist her son in the rescue.

* Kentucky’s infamous Waverly Hills Sanatorium is supposedly a hotbed for paranormal activity. When uninvited critters crash the owner’s nightly paranormal tours, Team Turtle is called in to solve the mystery and discover what varmints have been “haunting” the place.

* A farmer’s prized bull is missing in action, and Turtleman is called to locate the giant beast. But the clock is ticking as Team Turtle races to find the bull before it terrorizes the neighborhood’s cattle.

* The old Marion County courthouse is in the process of being converted into a heritage center, but workers are finding themselves cleaning up bird droppings instead of working on the building itself. Team Turtle is out to uncover the hiding spot of these pigeons and relocate them.

* An alpaca farm’s guard llama is on the loose, and Turtleman is asked to rescue the runaway. But there’s a catch — Turtleman has never seen a llama in the wild, so he recruits Neal to help locate “mama llama” and get her back home safely.

Call of the Wildman Season 2 premieres June 2 at 9pm ET/PT on Animal Planet.


Neal James and Ernie Brown Jr. (Turtleman): David Yellen/Animal Planet

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  1. My granddaughter has been a fan of the Turtle Man since the very first shows. She wants to personally write to the Turtle Man. How can she do this?
    Keep the Turtle Man safe and sound for many more shows to come we hope.

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