Theresa Caputo meets fans in “Long Island Medium On The Road”

Theresa Caputo is on the go again in the one-hour special Long Island Medium On the Road, debuting on TLC May 12 at 8pm ET/PT, just prior to the highly anticipated return of the fourth season of Long Island Medium.

Theresa Caputo Long Island Medium On the Road Season 4In Long Island Medium On the Road, Caputo surprises a handful of unsuspecting fans with a surprise in-person reading. Theresa heads to Florida to meet up with three of her fans, who include a mother who hears from her daughter that died tragically, a son who is hoping to connect with his father and a woman who desperately needs to know if her husband is still with her. Theresa showing up on their doorsteps is the last thing these fans expect; all will receive messages that will change their lives forever. For some, getting a surprise reading from Theresa Caputo is almost like winning the lottery. She’s nearly impossible to get a reading from these days, and her waiting list is years long. TLC shares that Caputo receives hundreds of fan letters a day from men and women across the country begging for a chance to meet with her for a session.

Directly following Long Island Medium On the Road will be two back-to-back premiere episodes of Long Island Medium Season 4 at 9pm and 9:30pm ET/PT. The new season begins with Victoria returning from college for a visit, some new changes that shock the family, and Theresa deciding to shed a few pounds when her clothes cease to fit her.

MORE: For an interview with Theresa Caputo on Season 4.


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