Science Channel airs Fringe Season 3 marathon April 13-14

The fan-favorite science-fiction series Fringe, which recently ended its run on FOX, returns to Science Channel in repeats this weekend, April 13-14, as the network airs all 22 episodes from Fringe Season 3 (which originally aired on FOX 2010-11) over two days.

Science Channel will air the first 11 episodes of Fringe Season 3 on April 13 from 9am-8pm ET/PT, and the final 11 episodes of Fringe Season 3 on April 14 from 9am-8pm ET/PT. Several of the episodes are making their Science Channel network premieres.

In Fringe Season 3, the Fringe team escapes from the parallel universe — except for Olivia (Anna Torv), who is trapped in the other world and replaced in ours by her double. It’s her double who turns Peter (Joshua Jackson) and Olivia’s tentative relationship into a love affair. When Olivia returns, the bonds of trust fray while ever more bizarre and terrifying phenomena occur, and secrets that stretch back to 1985 threaten to destroy our universe or the parallel universe.

Fringe‘s repeat airings on Science Channel feature leading experts such as Dr. Michio Kaku examining phenomena such as time travel, dream-sharing and parallel universes with the short-form series, “Science of Fringe.”

The Fringe Season 3 marathon on Science Channel includes the following episodes (all times ET/PT):

9am: “Olivia” — In the Fringe Season 3 premiere, a disoriented Olivia fights to find her way home, while Peter and Walter (John Noble) try to move on with their lives unknowingly alongside the alternate Olivia.

10am: “The Box”– Key information about the future is revealed when Walter and Nina (Blair Brown) meet at Massive Dynamic for the emotional reading of the last will and testament of William Bell.

11am: “The Plateau” — Timing is critical as a series of anomalous events lead the Fringe Division to investigate deadly incidents with unimaginable coincidences.

12pm: “Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?” — Newton is forced to call to action a sleeping shapeshifter. As Walter and the rest of the team move the investigation to Massive Dynamic, Olivia goes on high alert.

1pm: “Amber 31422” — The alternate universe Fringe Division investigates a shocking breach of security when a twin frees his brother (guest stars Shawn and Aaron Ashmore) from a quarantined Amber area.

2pm: “6955 kHz” — The Fringe Division in our world investigates a bizarre case when 15 people all suffer retrograde amnesia from listening to their shortwave radios on the same frequency.

3pm: “The Abducted” — When a serial kidnapper — over there — strikes again, the familiar case hits home for Col. Broyles, who sends a determined Olivia to investigate the abductions.

4pm: “Entrada” (Network Premiere) — Peter grapples with the aftermath of recent events as Olivia desperately searches for an ally. Meanwhile, the team discovers a critical device that communicates between universes.

5pm: “Marionette” (Network Premiere) — When a victim has his heart extracted, it’s just the beginning of a series of mysterious and reanimating events. Meanwhile, Peter comes to terms with his relationship with Olivia.

6pm: “The Firefly” (Network Premiere) — An Observer makes contact with the Fringe Team to help rectify a mistake. Meanwhile, Walter befriends one of his musical heroes (Christopher Lloyd).

7pm: “Reciprocity” (Network Premiere) — When the Fringe Team visits Massive Dynamic’s assembly of doomsday devices, Walter becomes concerned for Peter’s wellbeing, so he turns to Nina for help.

APRIL 14 (all episodes today are Network Premieres on Science Channel)
9am: “Concentrate and Ask Again” — The Fringe Team investigates an intense case when a scientist falls dead after ingesting a lethal cloud of blue powder and his bones disintegrate in his body.

10am: “Immortality” — The Alternate Fringe Team investigates a bioterrorist armed with an insect that has a taste for human flesh. Walternate discovers a line he will not cross.

11am: “6B” — A series of Fringe events leads the team to the home of a woman grieving over the death of her husband, while Peter and Olivia try to repair the emotional rift between them.

12pm: “Subject 13” — The team revisits the past in this follow-up to Season 2’s Peter flashback episode that reveals a poignant period of time for both the Bishops and Olivia.

1pm: “Os” — The Fringe Team investigates a group of thieves who can break the laws of gravity. Meanwhile, Walter attempts to delay the damage he’s caused to the fabric of the universe.

2pm: “Stowaway” — When the Fringe Team investigates an apparent suicide victim, they uncover a second set of fingerprints, leading them to a woman with uncanny characteristics that cannot die.

3pm: “Bloodline” — The intensity of life “over there” accelerates as Olivia finds herself in mortal danger.

4pm: “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide” — Using some mind-bending lab experimentation, the team makes a desperate attempt to remove William Bell’s consciousness from Olivia’s body before she’s lost forever.

5pm: “6:02 AM EST” — The beginning of the end is triggered when Walternate finds a way to wreak havoc “over here,” putting both universes in jeopardy.

6pm: “The Last Sam Weiss” — Olivia joins forces with the mysterious Sam Weiss (guest star Kevin Corrigan) in a desperate race against time.

7pm: “The Day We Died” — In the Fringe Season 3 finale, Peter confronts his destiny, and a beloved team member meets an untimely demise.


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