Where to watch Starz free preview April 2013

The Starz free preview and Encore free preview will be taking place this weekend, April 11-15 (dates vary by distributor), the networks have announced.

The Starz free preview and Encore free preview will be made available to U.S. households nationwide, including subscribers with AT&T U-verse, Cox Communications, DIRECTV, DISH, Verizon FiOS TV, along with many other regional multichannel affiliates. The Starz free preview and Encore free preview weekend is geared to give non-subscribers the chance to sample Starz and Encore original series and movie programming for free from April 11-15, 2013. Dates and availability of channels vary by distributor; see some of the breakdown below.

During the Starz free preview, titles available for viewing will include the series finale to Spartacus: War of the Damned (April 12, 9pm ET/PT); the series premiere of Da Vinci’s Demons (pictured), from David S. Goyer (April 12, 10pm ET/PT); and first-run movies like Hope Springs, The Amazing Spider-Man, Men in Black 3 and Sparkle. The Encore free preview will feature movies and originals like Friends with Benefits, Ghostbusters, Finding Nemo, The Smurfs, Jack and Jill, and Hindenburg: The Last Flight.


According to the networks, the Starz free preview and Encore free preview comprises up to 24 Starz and Encore channels, as well as Starz On Demand, Encore On Demand, Starz HD On Demand and Encore HD On Demand services.

AT&T U-verse
AT&T U-verse viewers can see the Starz free preview and Encore free preview from April 11-15, including all Starz and Encore channels and over 400 On Demand titles.

Subscribers to DIRECTV and DISH can see the Starz and Encore free previews from April 12-14. DirecTV and DISH will offer all Starz and Encore channels. Additionally, DIRECTV will offer 20 Starz movies on its On Demand platform during the preview.

Cox Communications
Cox will offer all Starz linear channels during the Starz free preview from April 12-14, including Starz HD, Starz On Demand and Starz HD On Demand.

Other Participating Affiliates
At this time, other participating affiliates in the Starz free preview, with dates and availability varying by distributor, include: Bend Broadband, Blue Ridge Communications, Choice Cable TV Puerto Rico, Conway Corporation, DIRECTV Puerto Rico, Fidelity Communications, Hawaiian Telecom, HTC Digital Cable, Service Electric Cable TV.

For further information, contact your service provider.


Tom Riley of Da Vinci’s Demons on Starz: © 2013 Starz Entertainment, LLC. Credit: Greg Williams