Project Runway Season 11 episode 11 ends on a surprise

Nina Garcia and Tim Gunn in Project Runway Season 11, episode 11 Channel Guide Contributor

Nina Garcia and Tim Gunn in Project Runway Season 11, episode 11If you want to be surprised by last night’s Project Runway, do I have to tell you that you really need to stop reading this post right now? Ok, so I won’t be giving too much that a Project Runway fan of average intelligence couldn’t discern pretty quickly. But seriously, if you want the illusion of suspense to remain, don’t watch the video embedded below.

Lifetime, can we talk? Just you & me. Come on over & sit on down next to me. I just want to talk to you as a fan. Someone who loves Project Runway, even when things get stale. I appreciated the effort of putting together a Teams season, even when the idea has been stretched almost past credulity. But this one’s kind of a basic ‘Reality TV 101’ mistake.

When your episode ends with one person now knowing if they are in or out and the screen looks like this:

To be continued

don’t you think you’d want to keep the fans in suspense about what happened for at least a week?

Nope. Lifetime decided that the suspense would be too much for fans, so the preview for next week’s episode that was so carefully edited during last night’s broadcast has been released on their web site in full. Without the editing. So the ‘surprise’ at the end of the show is completely ignored and the resolution was essentially given away. Ok, so we don’t know HOW things are resolved. Whatever.

Not that one couldn’t see the result as obvious but really Lifetime? Would it have been so difficult to post the version of the episode 12 trailer that you showed on the big TV screen last night? Apparently it was too difficult, so if you want to see the ‘uncropped’ version of the episode 12 preview, here it is:

Remember, the remaining episodes will be supersized to 2 hours each. So Project Runway has plenty of time to explain themselves.

Project Runway Photo courtesy the Lifetime web site