Who Gets the Last Laugh?: Donald Faison hosts TBS hidden-camera comedy

Punk’d co-creators Jason Goldberg and Ashton Kutcher are pulling hidden-camera pranks again, this time with Who Gets the Last Laugh? premiering Tuesday, April 16, at 10pm ET on TBS. But don’t think of it as merely Punk’d 2.0. It’s more like Punk’d Vs.

“We’ve taken Punk’d and we’ve flipped it upside on its head, and we’ve turned it into something that’s familiar but different,” says Last Laugh host Donald Faison (The Exes, Scrubs). “Celebrity friends were pranking each other, and that’s all Punk’d was, and that was intriguing. Now it’s your favorite comedians going out into the streets and just pranking anybody. It doesn’t matter. Nobody’s safe now. I’m not safe. It doesn’t matter who you are, you could fall victim to one of the Last Laugh pranks.”

In each episode, three famous comedians think up and execute a hidden-camera prank. After all three pranks are done, the live audience votes for their favorite, with the winner getting $10,000 donated to the charity of his or her choice. Participants include Andy Dick, Tom Green, D.L. Hughley, Chris Kattan, Bam Margera, Bill Bellamy, Charlie Murphy, Cheri Oteri, Alan Thicke, Nicole Sullivan, Kunal Nayyar and Finesse Mitchell.

Faison is something of a Punk’d legend in his own right. Longtime fans may remember his prank on buddy and Scrubs costar Zach Braff, in which preteen vandals expressed themselves on Braff’s new Porsche. “When Zach came out and saw his car had been spray-painted by all these kids, he lost it and went nuts. And for a hot second there, he wasn’t Zach Braff,” Faison recalls. “I’ve never seen him so angry in my life. I punk’d him so well. Since then, he’s been saying he’s going to get me back, and I’ve been looking over my shoulder ever since.”

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