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Mad Men, Season 6
Sunday, April 7
AMC, 9pm ET

Mad Men Season 6 AMC April 7

The battle for the soul of Don Draper continues Sunday night with the premiere of Mad Men Season 6. Will the powerful ad exec remain faithful to his new, young wife Megan, or resume the self-destructive hedonism that comes so easily? How’s Peggy doing in her life away from the firm? Can Joan handle the fallout from her decision to sell herself to land a big client? Will Pete get punched again anytime soon? All these questions and more will be answered (hopefully sooner rather than later, but I know, fat chance) this season.

Well, if not this season then definitely the next, as Season 7 has been said to be the series’ swan song. That means that everything is taking on heightened significance, building toward what at this point is going to have to be one humdinger of an ending. Think we will get a look at an elderly Don Draper in the present day? I can’t help but really want to see that.

But speaking of time warps, this season promises to transition out of the slick, mod look of the early to mid ’60s and get us into the hippies. It’ll definitely be a hoot watching the folks at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce deal with the changing world. Part of that for Don will be his own little girl, Sally, who is just about to enter those difficult teen years. Sally has been the de facto audience surrogate for a few seasons now, with many audience members seeing themselves in her, as a child observing this mysterious world of the ’60s and wondering how it affected them into adulthood.

Those who’ve seen the first few episodes have good things to say, which is nice seeing as I’ve been expecting the inevitable Mad Men backlash to kick in any minute now. So here’s hoping we can get another “Zou Bisou Bisou” moment to start things off the right way.

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Photo: Courtesy of AMC