Long Island Medium Season 4 interview with Theresa Caputo

Fans have been waiting for Long Island Medium Season 4, which was originally planned for a March return but got pushed to May. Well, Theresa Caputo’s been very, very busy. Between seasons of her popular TLC series, Long Island Medium, she’s toured the nation and written a book. She comes back to her roots with the Season 4 premiere of Long Island Medium on Sunday, May 12. Caputo took a few minutes from her hectic schedule to answer some quick questions.

Theresa Caputo returns for Season 4 of Long Island Medium on Sunday, May 12, 2013Now that Victoria is off to school, what can we expect for Season 4 for the Caputo family?
Caputo: Things are still crazy in the Caputo house but a little calmer without the cyclone!

You had an insanely busy 2012 with your Priceline ad, SNL spoofing you, a sold-out nationwide tour and now a book coming out Oct. 1 – how are you seriously keeping up?
Like everybody else … taking one day at a time.

Your waiting list is rumored to be at four years now. How are you scheduling private readings and determining which of these appear on the series?
Love rumors! To be honest I can’t tell you how long my waiting list is … I just have a list!

You’ve helped so many people find peace. What happens (if it ever does) when you are doing a reading and you can’t make a spirit connection?
I haven’t had that happen. I have witnessed situations where there could be three people standing in a room, and the person I am speaking to might not be able to make a connection but their friend who is also in the room understands the message 100 percent!

Lastly, I wanted to share one of the thousands of questions we get, this one pertaining to suicide and hell. Have you ever through any of your spirit connections got the indication that there is a hell?
From what spirit has told me and through my faith I believe with good there is also evil. I have never had a soul say that they were in a bad or negative place or that they weren’t with God. I’ve never seen hell and if there is one I don’t want to know about it nor do I want to channel anyone from there!



  1. Do you believe our loved ones sometimes use animals to be their calling card of sorts to remind us they are always with us?


  3. I am so distraught you cannot believe it. I have short term memory caused by a stroke. I am functional. I cannot remember where I put my watch and my wedding ring. I have torn my home apart and it is not anywhere. I went to see Pricilla at Durham Performing Arts with m$y neighbors. When I got home, I was unable to sleep so I sat on the couch and watched a little TV and eventually fell asleep. I had my ring and watch on at the theater. It is now the sixth day and I am still looking. Please show me the way. I cannot eat or sleep. I have never ever thought I would resort to begging for help. Show me the way. I will pay you whatever you want because the ring is my mothers who is 85. I cannot tell her.

  4. Hello
    I lost my parter (Tim) a little over two months ago after a 5 year battle with colon cancer. We were both very involved in our church which gave both of us some much strenght. He passed away at our home on a Sunday night and know he is at peace and without the pain that he was going throught. Had told him how much I love himeand would love to know that Tim knows that.
    Vern Hackworth

    • Vern – Please be assured that your partner knows the love you have for him. We all know when we are loved. Your love for each other will continue. Just because one passes, he still exists, just on a different plane. The best way to keep him alive in your daily life is to continue to speak to him. He will hear, and know your intent. It will give you much reassurance to share your daily goings on with him. And he will hear! Sometimes we cannot get a departed love one to communicate with a medium. They may have already reincarnated into another. So do not despair. Continue to honor him with love for the others in your life. Just as he must continue on, too. Who knows, you may run into each other again. One’s eyes remain the same – they truly are the window to the soul. Love & Light, Nancy

  5. Hi i’ve seen your shows and i love it how u can have such a wonderful gift but scary in away i believe ghost can do stuff switch things on and off and my question is u do any reading regardless of there nationality what about native if u can do anyone u come across im sure u can right i have love ones who crossed and most of all i miss my grandma i know she watches over me and doesn’t like to see me sad in the real world i miss her love her love for all grandchildren but i wanna show her im fine and love the life i have with my chilfren and the ones who passed on due to complications your show is amazing and hope u continue to help people to feel better and know they should not worry but would love to hear their storys too keep up great job thank u for your amazing show .

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