“Family S.O.S. With Jo Frost” comes to TLC in May

The popular Supernanny star Jo Frost has landed her next assignment on Family S.O.S. With Jo Frost, a new TLC series debuting May 28 at 9pm ET/PT. Frost has been a godsend in the U.K. and the States with her no-nonsense approach to dealing with unruly children and their dumbfounded parents. Her how-to-parent-properly tips and techniques has made her the TV expert in parenting, and the driving force behind this compulsively addictive genre of TV help shows. In Family S.O.S., Frost takes a timeout from naughty toddlers and their tantrums, and turns her attention to the dreaded, rebellious teens.

Family S.O.S. With Jo Frost debuts on TLC in MayThe six-episode series will feature Frost working with families of all sizes and structures. From teenagers causing conflict to bullying at school to battling parents on the edge of divorce, Frost appears ready to tackle the hot-button issues that many families struggle with.

Family S.O.S. is the next evolutionary step towards educating and helping families heal. I feel very privileged and extremely excited to be back once again providing families across the U.S. this service, which is very much needed; working alongside TLC, I know together we can facilitate this vision of doing so,” says Frost, via a TLC release.

The 90-minute premiere episode features the Quinn-Davises’ household, a blended family with a lot of teen baggage. Parents Don and Julie each had children from previous relationships, who now lack respect and the constant household tension is driving them to the brink of divorce.  In the clip, Frost has it out with one of the 16-year-old daughter telling her, “I’m not acting like your mom because I’m not your mom. Don’t disrespect me!” We’ll see if she can make a difference.


  1. My brother and wife need massive help. Middle son removed from home to specials home twice for 10 days each time, trouble in school . Mom afraid of him, over using grandmother. Baby brother(4) has Down syndrome. Many many issues.

  2. I would love Jo Frost’s help with my boyfriend and my 16 year old which has ADHD. They fight and I don’t know what to do. I need help. Please please help me. Thank you for your time. Michele Messling.

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