Joel McHale hosts 2013 The Soup Awards

Get ready for a hilarious evening of award-show mockery as Joel McHale presents the 2013 The Soup Awards, where he honors the best and worst in TV, pop culture and engineering miracles (thank you very much Lifetime’s Double Divas). The Soup Awards will air on E! Wednesday, April 3 at 10pm ET/PT.

Joel McHale hosts the 2013 The Soup Awards on Wednesday, April 3“Welcome to our annual award show that for some reason we skipped last year, but tonight we’re so bloated and full of self importance that we’re stretching this bitch out way longer than it actually should go,” McHale begins. “That’s right, it’s nine full hours of fake awards.”

The one-hour special includes numerous guest stars including Seth Green (Family Guy), Patrick Walburton (Seinfeld), RuPaul (RuPaul’s Drag Race), Jim Rash (Community), Kate Flannery (The Office), Art Mann (Art Mann Presents …), Brace (Gigolos), Rich Sommer (Mad Men) and others.

In true The Soup fashion, McHale spares no expense in calling out some of the most disastrous TV events and personalities from the year (and, yes, Honey Boo Boo and Mama June are part of the mix).

First honors, however, will be going to the Lifetime Achievement Award For Receiving An Award. While spoilers won’t be a part of this post, wearing or not wearing pants does come into play in this category and make for some comic clips.

Nominees for Best Supporting Acting for a Non-Human include a condor (a gigantic vulture that serves as a mascot for the Bakersfield Condor Minor League Hockey team) that goes AWOL at a game; a Toddlers & Tiaras episode where Alesha’s mom tries to change her fear of animals by taking her to a wildlife preserve; and a comically nervous squirrel from the BBC production Africa.

Other honors will be given to: Outstanding Achievement in Not Reporting the News Despite Being a News Show; Being Responsible for Creating the Show That Is Virtually the Only Show That Is Ever in Our Gay Show Segment; I Had No Idea We Were Going to Talk About the Fraud Allegations; Best Use of a Ping Pong Ball Outside of a Thai Strip Club; What Is a Dumbass, Alex?; Best Song We Are Forced to Comment on for Legal Reasons; Person We Were Most Afraid of Inviting to Accept Their Award So We Didn’t; Best Tale From Home Shopping (Adapted); Best Legs Award; Athlete of the Year; Lifetime Movie Lifetime Achievement Award; Best Sound Design; Entertainer of the Year and a few others.

My favorite category this year? Sound Design. Somehow spray tanning a man-whore’s balls never came to mind when thinking sound design, but thanks to The Soup Awards that visual is forever etched in my mind!

The Soup Awards air on E! Wednesday, April 3 at 10pm ET/PT.
Immediately following The Soup Awards is Chelsea Lately’s milestone 1081st episode, where she’s celebrating with a full-hour of surprise celebrity guests and a special musical performance and interview with Blake Shelton.

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  1. Hey, big TALK SOUP ORGANIZERS!! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to make it BIG! THis is KerbyJ comin yur way–I am the dunk guy from Metro County Jail in Salt Lake City, Utah.. I just wish I had a DVD with the episode on it so I could keep it for memorabilia sakes!! I was originally on Spike tvs’ episodes now on yours. The title of my clip was ‘Hysterical in Handcuffs. November 2nd, 2012. Can you help me you Talking Soup Pro’s come on with it EH!!

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