Jackson Galaxy is back for My Cat From Hell Season 4

Saturday nights on Animal Planet are devoted to pet-related programming, and that opens up a range of possibilities in what you might see on the network’s varied series on those evenings, from the soft, cuddly puppies and kitties of Too Cute! to the fiery felines and their overwhelmed owners featured in My Cat From Hell, which at first glance may appear to be anything but cute.

But cat-behavior expert Jackson Galaxy, star of My Cat From Hell, has seen beyond the bad behavior of the cats and been able to detect the potential that lies underneath even the most seemingly problematic feline for the past three seasons of the show, and he is back doing more of the same when Animal Planet’s hit returns for Season 4 this Saturday, April 6, at 8pm ET/PT. Leading into this premiere, there will be several hours of repeat My Cat From Hell episodes, beginning at 9am ET/PT on April 6.

My Cat From Hell Season 4 features 17 new episodes, which might even test Jackson Galaxy and cause him to learn a few new tricks himself, along with the felines and owners he helps. This season’s cases will include cats that can’t control their bladders; kitty turf wars; cat mood swings; and a ferocious feline that does severe damage to its 95-year-old owner, among others. As always, Jackson Galaxy also tackles the human elements that may be contributing to these issues, as well, including feuding roommates, enabling owners, overbearing cat parents and confused disciplinarians.

Along with the new My Cat From Hell episodes airing Saturdays on Animal Planet, AnimalPlanet.com will take Jackson Galaxy back to meet former clients in a 16-episode, short-form web series called Hell Cats Revisited: How Do You Like Meow? This web series is also debuting April 6 as a complement to My Cat From Hell, and it follows up with some of the most memorable cats from seasons past to find out if the kitties play nice while Jackson Galaxy is away. Have the owners employed Jackson’s techniques to achieve harmony with their cats? If so, are they still living in peace, or is it life in hell again?

My Cat From Hell Season 4 premiere episodes include (all times ET/PT):

“Deaf, Blind and Biting” — April 6 at 8pm: Burberry is mostly deaf and blind, and has stopped using her litter box and become violent toward her owners and their new kitten Purrodox. Then, David and Rebecca’s plans of starting a family are on hold due to the violence between their cat Leo and dog Nala.

“Roommates from Hell” — April 13 at 8pm: Deborah was forced to move out of her home and now lives in a tiny studio apartment with two cats that hate each other. Then, 95-year old Callie survived World War II, but her daughter Pam fears she won’t be able to survive her cat, Allie, and her vicious attacks.

“Penny Hates Puck” — April 20 at 8pm: No description currently available.

“Macho Cat” — April 27 at 8pm: No description currently available.

My Cat From Hell Season 4 airs Saturdays at 8pm ET/PT on Animal Planet beginning April 6.

The web series Hell Cats Revisited: How Do You Like Meow? premieres April 6 on AnimalPlanet.com.


Jackson Galaxy: Keith Barraclough/Animal Planet

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  1. since i took in another cat, my cat of 7 years is using the bed as a litter box. i tried every thing even putting the litter box on the bed where she likes to go.

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