“KISS Hello Kitty” will team iconic rockers, toy line in animated Hub series

Anybody else have a mom who told them KISS stood for “Knights in Service to Satan”? Can’t help but have that bit of childhood trauma race through my mind as the announcement came today that KISS — well, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, anyway — will be joining forces with Hello Kitty for a—

What now? Hello Kitty? Like, the cute, pink kitty thing?

Yes, KISS Hello Kitty (which is a working title, but seriously, what else could they call it?) will find four Hello Kitty characters made up to look like the iconic rockers for an animated series coming to The Hub. According to the press release, the four main characters will spend each episode, “living their rock ‘n’ roll dreams and bringing pink anarchy to every situation they are in.”

The Simmons quote is pretty boilerplate, about how he’s excited to please the band’s millions of fans and give them a show they can watch with their kids, but Stanley’s raises an eyebrow because it contains the phrase “brash and nurturing individuation.” Sure, that’s what I’ll be thinking as I watch.

Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, KISS Hello Kitty Hub

Photo: © 2013 The Hub Credit: Lisa Rose