Katie Leclerc interview on “Switched At Birth,” “The Confession”

In our Katie Leclerc interview the Switched at Birth star talks new episodes, her new Hallmark Channel original film The Confession and more.

Katie Leclerc from "Switched at Birth"The second half of Season 2 of Switched at Birth is coming fast for star Katie Leclerc, as the series returns to ABC Family June 10.

“We start filming on April 9 and I’m so excited,” Leclerc says, although pretty much in the dark on upcoming story lines. “You know what? The only thing, literally, the only thing I know is that the first line of the script I’m in a bikini. So I’m like, ‘Thank you very much Lizzy Weiss’ [the show’s creator] for the advance warning. I really appreciate seeing that Tweet! So now I’m doing sit-ups. I’m two weeks away from filming. I was like, ‘Oh crud, I wish I knew earlier. I would eat less pancakes in the morning.”

While on hiatus from Switched at Birth, Leclerc starred in the Hallmark Channel original film The Confesssion (set to air May 11). She plays a young Amish girl in search of her birth mother. The film is an adaption of best-selling author Beverly Lewis’ second novel in her The Heritage of Lancaster County books series. The book series is based on some of the actual experiences of Lewis’ maternal grandmother, who was born into the Old Order Mennonite Church.

“I love she was able to take something so personal to her and apply it to her work and art,” Leclerc says of Lewis. “I love genealogy. I love hearing old family history stories from people’s strengths and struggles and how they overcame those.”

For Leclerc the emotion involved in not knowing your family is all too familiar having spent two seasons playing Daphne on Switched at Birth. She laughs when asked if her resume was stacking in that direction. “The funny thing about the missing family sort of thing is after I did The Confession I did a film called Mesmerized, where again I’m looking for my long lost sister.”

When Leclerc isn’t working she enjoys being active. “I have a 2-year-old Australian Cattle Dog who is actually deaf and I spend almost all of my free time with him and my boyfriend. We play. We watch movies. I love to cook,” she shares. “I try and smile as much as possible — even when you’re grumpy if you can muster up a smile that just makes the day better.”

Although, just being around Leclerc will make you smile — she’s a warm ray of sunshine.



  1. I love Katie on Switchde At Birth. I saw The Confession and she, Sherry Stringfield and Adrian Paul did a great job. I love the stories about the Amish! Keep up the great work, Katie. You and the entire cast on Switched are doing well.

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