“Duck Dynasty” cast reportedly wants salary bump for Season 4

Look here, jack. Season 4 of Duck Dynasty might not just run as smoothly as water off a … well, you know.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the hirsute cast members of the runaway A&E reality hit think they need a little more compensation for their time and talents, to the tune of $200,000 per episode. That would also include further raises for subsequent seasons.

While there doesn’t seem to be much cause for alarm, with a source quoted in the story as saying, “It’ll all get worked out,” such talk about the messiness of TV production doesn’t quite jibe with the beloved, down-home image of the Robertson family. Will the fans who rave about the series’ shunning of profanity and typical reality-show scumbaggery really cotton to the idea of Willie, Jase, Phil, Uncle Si and — oh no, even Miss Kay — having a six-figure salary dispute?

My guess is yeah, it’ll all soon pass and the Duck Dynasty cast will be ending each episode with family prayers for years to come. Only now maybe Phil will throw in a bit about the extra girth in their wallets.

UPDATE: Duck Dynasty producer comments on salary negotiations

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Uncle Si, Miss Kay, Jase, Korie, Willie and Phil Robertson of A&E's "Duck Dynasty"

Photo: © 2012 Credit: Art Streiber


  1. I just hope greed doesn’t kill the show ..
    Money is the root of all evil .

  2. This show generated big money,and will make even more each season. Who do you think it should all go too? I do believe the cast that makes me happy happy happy deserve it! And that’s a fact jack!

  3. I feel that the family is wonderful. I don’t think we should judge because we don’t know, they might give the money they earn to charity, but I don’t think the family should let A & E talk them into doing stupid stuff. Some of it seems contrived. I would really just like to see them in the woods more. Willie seems to have toooo big an ego and I worry that this might just go to his head. I want him to stay the nice guy we met in season one. Si can be a little annoying, but I just love Phil and Miss Kay. They make me happy, happy,happy.

    • I agree on some of what you are saying but willie is also showing just because you are rich does not mean that you can just play work is for life just as well as a family is but don’t take your work over your family which he don’t do

  4. really they are nothing without Si , and it does look like they lost their redneck cause its all bout the money and god knows they are not hurtin

    • It’s not all about the money it’s all about family something that alot of us don’t know about & also religion which does help families out when you believe in god if people would do what they do you would understand their family & their belief i happen to like the duck dynasty show & the family i may not know them in person but if i did it would be the family i would want to be around

  5. Money is Money why not a raise nuts like Jim Carry and Lindsey Lohan gets Millions for there Crap!!”

  6. I thought these people were supposed to be representing a Christian background and atmosphere not trying to become Billionaires! They are already rich so to me this is showing greed not a Christian atmosphere.They go around different places talking about the Christin family to me this just is turning people’s opinion against Christ. Just my opinion on this.

    • it’s whatever you way that you see the show & not believe what see of the show i believe they are show christian atmosphere but they are also showing how families can do things togather without disagreement or fight all the time they show love & fun we show hate & no fun life is just to short for all of that

  7. Very disappointed with these guys. I thought they were made of better stuff. They are already millionaires, so why buck for more money? I thought they were different but I guess even with them, it comes down to the dollar. Duck men you get a thumbs down from me.

  8. Well, my opinion, (for what it is worth) is if they are going to allow A&E to film their lives, everyday, day in and day out, and A&E is profiting from their family, then why should not the Robertson’s profit as well. I would not want my life on display for the whole world to see and not get something decent for it. Besides all of this, we probably don’t know all the facts from this article. The media prints what they want to print to keep people stirred up. We should all just worry about the things in this world that are of real importance. Just my opinion….

  9. Should have known greed would come even to them. Their first year was so funny. Now, I rarely bother to watch When the ‘fame’ went to their heads, they quit being as funny. Could care less if the show goes off the air now, will just make room for some new, fresh shows.

    • that is so wrong they maybe rich but the thing is none of you all are out trying to do what they are doing with their families

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