Dog and Beth Chapman address family troubles in upcoming CMT special

A week before their new CMT series Dog and Beth: On the Hunt premieres on CMT, Duane “Dog” Chapman and his wife Beth will address the issue that has weighed heaviest on their fans’ minds: What has happened with the Chapman clan since the family publicly imploded as Dog the Bounty Hunter headed toward its unexpected series finale.

dog and beth chapman

Dog and Beth: The Preview Special premieres Sunday, April 14 at 8pm ET/PT on CMT and will re-air throughout the week leading up to their new bounty-hunting bonanza. Fans can also stream the special online at

According to the network’s press release, Dog and Beth: The Preview Special covers the 15-month timespan since the end of Bounty Hunter, during which the Chapmans and their children Leland, Duane Lee and Baby Lyssa argued over the future of the family’s bail-bond enterprise, and Duane and Beth prepared to take their business in a dangerous new direction alone. “Dog and Beth: The Preview Special shows the dramatic struggles of a professional bounty-hunting team attempting to move on without crucial team members, a father and son both battling their own pride and the Chapman’s unwavering belief in second chances,” the network said.

When I sat down with Dog, Beth and Leland Chapman in January to discuss Dog and Beth: On the Hunt, the issue of Lyssa and Duane Lee’s departure was foremost on Beth’s mind.

“The focal point of the show is our relationship — and our relationship with Leland,” she explained. “Because Leland wants to stay with his dad. Duane says this really profound thing where he says, ‘I don’t love you more, son. But you probably love me more than any of the other kids.’ Because as a parent, you don’t love any of your children differently. But they love you. And their love for you may be stronger than what your sister’s love is. And that’s what Leland is, right? His love for his dad is stronger than the others.’ And so he doesn’t want to be the one to leave or go away. He wants to be the one staying right here and doing what he does. And so we were really happy about that.”

Check out the rest of Channel Guide’s funny and revealing interview with Dog, Beth and Leland Chapman here and in the April issue of Channel Guide Magazine.

CMT photo by Andy Batt


  1. To Kaleka. Why are you judging any one that judges some one else. You are doing the same thing that the people are doing. Look in the mirror when you think about judging.

    • I’m not judging anyone & neither should anyone else. That is for God to do. Just saying, this family does SO much for ppl & we should all pray for them instead of judging. I don’t like all the negativity…everyone should stay positive & NOT judge. Think happy thoughts. And I do have a life…a great one. 🙂

  2. This comment is to Kaleka. You seem to think everyone else should not judge, and here you are judging any one that make a judgement. Get a life.

    • You’re right. I do believe no one has the right to judge…only God above. That is the Christian way. That’s the only point I was trying to make. None of us know what this family is going through or has been through. We should all be praying for them instead of making uneducated guesses about their family issues. God Bless everyone because we all need blessings in our lives. Sorry you feel that way Stephen B. :/

  3. Kaleka,
    One question…are you on Dog and Beth’s or CMT’s payroll? (no disrespect or insult intended)

    • Geraldine,
      Do I need to be to comment? What’s your beef? How do you know who I know? That’s right…you don’t. If I am on their payroll it’s MY business with them. Se ufa aikae!

  4. I have watched every single episode of this family’s show more than once. I admire what they do and how they give people hope and the help they need. If only I were so lucky to have a family like the Chapmans. God Bless this family and be with them to stay strong and please God, don’t allow anymore people try to break them apart. I would LOVE to be a part of their ohana! Peace and much love to you all. Keep doing God’s work…I know he’s with you all. 🙂

  5. I don’t understand how Beth and Dog pray before they start their hunt then cuss like sinners and claim to be borned again christians! My bible does not teach that! It says sweet water and bitter water can not come out of the same vessel! They need to truely get in or get out!! The way they conduct themselves makes christianity look bad!

    • And if YOU are a Christian, YOU have no right to judge them. Did YOU forget that part of being a Christian?

      • I don’t think the comments are intended to be judgemental. People are stating their opinion.
        Everyone has the right to an opinion. Let it go.

  6. Love baby lyssa’s tits, when they should her on the beach on a bikini, that was nice, can’t wait for her to do porn.

  7. i wish i had people like you around cause i tryed to help my son out as much as i can cause he has a droug problem and i dont know what else to do to help him out

    • Just keep praying for him. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. God Bless.

  8. beth why do you allow Dog to abuse you so! It may be TV but the verbal abuse is too much!!! And he says he is a God given man that has been saved…He looked bad on the new show…like he is back to drinking and drugs….God bless to both of you and your family

    • Then don’t watch it. All of you people passing judgement when NONE of us know what is really going on. I’ve NEVER seen Dog look like he is doing drugs or drinking. I’ve also NEVER seen him abuse Beth. And I’ve seen every single show since day one. Besides…Beth can take care of herself I’m POSITIVE. Most of these comments are SOOOOOO shameful…not of the Chapman’s but of the people who are writing them. Only God can judge us!

      • You know…we’re all getting older…Dog cannot look the same forever. God Bless their entire family!

  9. I’m going to make a prediction. Leland already does his own bounty hunter gig on the big island. Duane lee will probably do the same thing in Florida, somehow it’s going to all inner twine and it’s going to bring the family all back together which will be the final episode for all of Dog shows.

  10. I was excited when I saw the show coming back. I loved it lol so did everyone else I knew. I was sad when it ended and Beth is the MOM of the clan and really THE BOSS! Dog and Beth are a great pair and really its a great family. I hope everything gets worked out soon. Love you guys

  11. I am truly saddened by the loss of Duane Lee and baby Lyssa on the show Dog and Beth On the Hunt, and I am truly a die hard fan of dog and his family. What I loved most about the show was the family bond and how their mission was to not only apprehended these people but to help them after the apprehension and to try and change their life for the better. I am still not sure what exactly happened between the family but hope they can overcome this hurdle in their lives and become one strong family unit once again. My thoughts and prayers are with you Dog, Beth, Duane Lee, Leland and baby Lyssa God bless you all.

  12. My opinion I think the problem is Beth and all the money Dog and Beth made from the show. Money changes alot of people

    • CD…how would YOU know what the problem is? Do you know ANY of the family personally? If not, shut your pie hole and PRAY for all of them! Your opinion…eh! Stick your opinion where the sun doesn’t shine!!! They all earned their money and they help and SAVE A LOT of people with that money! Who are YOU to judge ANYONE?! Keep it positive! God Bless the Chapmans…ALL of them and their ohana! Keep up your great work yeah. O:-)

  13. The cancelling of your show was a shock for the entire family. To the entire family sit and talk. Ask for forgiveness by not letting proud get in the way.

  14. Beth when running have your boobs ever hit you in the face? Why do you insist on wearing shoes &.boots that could cause you injury?

  15. We can’t say what the problem was because we do not live their lives. I feel for any family that has problems with their children. Kid’s do not realize until it is to late that your parents are only here for a little while then god will call them home. Sometimes sooner than we think, then the damage is done. I do hope everything works itself out and things can be better for them. As far as Beth she is a rock and dog is a man of his word. Treat them with respect they put their lives on the line to keep us safe. They are more than a TV show. Good luck with your new series.

  16. I saw Duane Lee, Leland,Beth,Dog,Bonnie on the Mercy Tour in The Woodlands,at The Borders Bookstore and Duane Lee was such a big part of your life and the show. But sometimes things happen like in my family when my Mom died when I was 6 yrs. old and my brother idolized my stepmother and he graduated from college and started a family and we haven’t heard from him in 13 yrs. and my Dad is 91 yrs. old and didn’t do anything but be good to him. I live near my Dad and talk to him every day. Duane Lee may never come back but the pain will never go away, but your fans stick behind Leland because I see him in me. We’ll always be there for our father. I’m glad you and Beth are strong and it takes a strong woman that stands by her man. Love you guys

  17. Of course we will only get Beth’s version. It will be watered down to keep from having to admit she made mistakes and played a major part in what went down. And I am sure that Dog and Leland will be “coached” on what not to say. The common denominator for all the family problems comes back to Beth!!

    • You should be ASHAMED to say that about Beth! Who are YOU to judge? Do you know her personally? Beth loves all of those kids. Wish she could crack you for that!

    • EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES! Not saying Beth made any and neither should you say that “Debby Clark”! NO ONE except the Chapman family knows what happened. Instead of dogging Beth, you should PRAY for them! I guess misery really does love company eh “Debby”?

    • I guarantee Beth is a stronger woman and better mother than you will or would EVER be! A strong woman or a God fearing woman would have NEVER said what you did. Concentrate on yourself and make yourself a better person. You need to find God sistah! Se ufa!

      • Kaleka, don’t you think you are being judgemental of the commenters who say something you don’t like? Everyone knows your feelings about the Chapman family so why do you think you have to reply to every comment?

    • OMG you are SO right. Baby lyssa even says in an interview promoting her book & own future show that she has a challenging relationship with her stepmother (Beth). When the interviewer was talking about the “Leland loves dog more” comment that Beth made he said “Beth said it not your dad”. (the journalist did an interview with Beth/Dog when the comment was made and he was the same interviewer in Lyssa’s article) Lyssa said “that’s the problem, he never speaks up”. Beth certainly does seem to be the common denominater. If memory serves me correctly the feud was over money. Dog / Beth apparently didn’t pay the kids as much as they would have liked. I wish Leland, Duane Lee & Lyssa would have their own show. They could call it “Puppy, the bounty hunters”. lol.

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