On Demand/DVD New Releases March 25-31

On Demand/DVD New Releases March 25-31: Daniel Day-Lewis’ performance in the award-winning Lincoln is outstanding, but Sally Field and Tommy Lee Jones shouldn’t be overlooked in their roles. This week also brings Killing The Softly with Brad Pitt, James Gandolfini, Richard Jenkins and Ray Liotta. This film was nominated for the prestigious Palm d’Or at last years Cannes Film Festival. For more on this week’s releases:

Killing Them Softly Brad Pitt stars in this gritty, New Orleans-set crime drama about a mob enforcer tracking three men who robbed a mob-protected card game. Also stars Richard Jenkins, James Gandolfini (R, 1:37), 3/26


Lincoln Steven Spielberg directs this engrossing portrait of Abraham Lincoln, portrayed by Daniel Day-Lewis, as the nation’s 16th president fights to get the anti-slavery amendment passed in the final days of the Civil War. Nominated for over 100 awards, the film won 50, including a Best Actor Oscar for Daniel Day-Lewis. Also stars Tommy Lee Jones, Sally Field (PG-13), 3/26 Same day as DVD

Parental Guidance Billy Crystal and Bette Midler play a couple who get a lesson in modern parenting when they agree to watch their three grandchildren while the parents are out of town. They find that their old-school methods don’t always play well these days. Also stars Marisa Tomei (PG, 1:45), 3/26

To the Arctic (3-D) Meryl Streep narrates this documentary about a mother polar bear and her two cubs fighting for survival. This is a sobering look at climate change and the impact on animals and nature in the Arctic.(G, 0:40), 3/26

House Arrest  Chanel is living the high life until one day, while out shopping with her boyfriend DeAndre, they’re both arrested and a judge places her under house arrest. With nowhere to go, she is forced to move back in with her mother and daughter, who live on the ghetto side of town. While Chanel adjusts to her new lifestyle, DeAndre makes her a proposition from jail that will have her torn between her two lifestyles: take the blame or prove her innocence. Aki Aleong, Chico Benymon, Cory Blevins (R, 1:43) 3/26

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