“The Bible” maintains divine ratings after Episode 3

Despite some controversy that brewed on Twitter from folks who thought that, as portrayed on the program, Satan looked a little too much like President Obama, History’s The Bible once again was the No. 1 show in all of television after its third episode this past Sunday. The Bible Episode 3, which began its foray into the New Testament and introduced Jesus, had 10.9 million total viewers, with 4.2 million Adults 25-54 and 3.5 million Adults 18-49, according to a release from History. That same release also says that The Bible has now reached over 68 million viewers since its premiere on March 3 (including 18 telecasts on History and Lifetime). I bet the Apostles are wishing they had had that kind of mass-media reach back in the day.


The Bible continues on History the next two Sundays, ending on Easter. Here are the upcoming episodes of The Bible:

“Mission” — March 24, 8pm ET. Jesus (Diogo Morgado) feeds the crowds in Galilee and brings a dead man, Lazarus, back to life; Jesus enters Jerusalem riding on a donkey – a declaration that he is the Messiah; Jesus turns on the money-changers in the Temple; Caiaphas coaxes Judas into betraying Jesus; Jesus throws the disciples into turmoil at the Last Supper; Jesus is arrested and condemned to death as the disciples scatter.

“Passion” — March 31, 8pm ET. Easter Sunday’s episode will show the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus, as well as Ascension, Pentecost and Revelation. During this last episode, Peter denies Jesus and Judas hangs himself; the crowd clamors for Jesus’ death; Jesus is crucified, but when Mary Magdalene goes to his tomb, a figure walks toward her – Jesus is back; Jesus commissions the disciples to “go and preach to all creation”; Paul has a vision and experiences a miraculous change of faith on a journey to Damascus; John receives a revelation – Jesus is coming back, and all who keep the faith will be rewarded.

Oh, and FYI: According to his IMDb filmography, Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni — the actor whose appearance as Satan and supposed resemblance to President Obama in the role raised hell on Twitter during The Bible Episode 3 — returns in that devilish role in the series finale, “Passion.” So you might want to avoid Twitter for your own sanity during that one.


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