Jerseylicious Season 5, Episode 8 recap: “Filly’s Full Monty”

Karen Ruud

This week on Jerseylicious was a doozie but before I get to the meat & potatoes of what went down, let’s sum up a couple of other boring plot lines.

Olivia tells Jackie she broke things off with Nick because she needs to find herself and wants to expand her career. She tells Jackie how she wants to become a fashion “Jesus,” er, she means guru. They also discuss Gigi supposedly trash talking Jackie as a mother. Olivia is very upset about this, and decides to go confront Gigi about it. Gigi feels like Olivia is picking a problem rather than moving on and trying to heal their friendship, while Olivia feels she is sticking up for her friend that Gigi was trash talking. G is trying to move on but Olivia left the ball in her court to apologize. PLEASE let this dead horse lie and move on, ladies!

In other Olivia news, she ventures to the mall in search of a store where she can record an ambush makeover video. She really dreams of someday becoming a fashion expert. You know, like the ones on TV, e.g. Joan Rivers, just not with the comedy. So after finding a store that lets her, she takes Jackie, Michelle & some other dude to help her record and track down people to ambush. They find a few ladies and it turns out to be very successful, but Olivia also realizes she has a long way to go before she can be a little more flawless at it. But good for Olivia, she has really grown professionally and I love her charisma.

Meanwhile, Tracy’s clock is ticking & she wants a baby. She thinks since she has a dog she can have a baby. So Cathy, Alexa & Tracy go out shopping for baby stuff for Alexa — this way Tracy can see how much work Alexa has to prep for. But she just really wants to be a young mom even though everyone tries to convince her to wait and enjoy marriage first. Sheesh and they aren’t even married yet! So her & Cory have a heart to heart about how everyone is against it and they should wait. They agree maybe they have a lot to learn about raising babies and if they screw the first one up they can do better with the second. They also agree dogs are harder than babies ’cause babies can eventually talk and tell you what’s wrong. Yep, do we really need these two adding to the gene pool?!?!?

Cathy and Tracy go to Alexa’s to see the big reveal of the nursery. And it’s a big emotional Fest. Enough said.

Now on to the goods, and I do mean goods. This episode could change Jerseylicious as we know it …

Filly meets with his agent and gets offered a Playgirl shoot. He has to think about it, but he is so high on himself the only thing he has to think about is if he wants to show his “brajoil?” I don’t even know what the heck he is trying to call it let alone spell it. He then goes to Anthony Robert to spill his good news and not everyone is as excited as he is. Cathy is mortified and Anthony tells him if he does it, he can’t work for the salon anymore.

Cathy just wonders how Dad is going to take it and you can see how it unfolds below. Word of caution, they have a LOUD bird!

Guess the parents are onboard now as long as it’s tasteful, so he decides to do the shoot. It will be a last-second decision on if the goods are shown or not, so thank goodness for DVRs. Not only could I fast-forward through the whole painful photo shoot — I find him very arrogant, pompous and can’t stand him — I could fast-forward through the commercial to get his answer, and it was a no.

Now even though I don’t like the guy, I was still intrigued to see how this Playgirl cover turned out. Mama Cathy should be so proud.

Filly, now all proud of his awesome self, walks into Anthony Robert to tell Ant & his mommy that he did the shoot. Keep in mind, the room is completely filled with almost everyone on this show and to the horror of everyone, a HUGE fight breaks out between Filly, Cathy & Anthony because Anthony wished him the best and said he can no longer work at the salon. Mama bear Cathy, protecting her cub, is VERY upset that Anthony just fired him and can’t understand why. Anthony’s reason is it’s a family salon and he can’t have a manager working there that is off showing their goods in a magazine. Cathy & Filly feel it would be good PR since it’s an international magazine and could bring clients in …

Stay tuned — this was only the beginning. Things seem to heat up even more in next week’s episode. Til then, whose side are you on?

New episodes of Jerseylicious air Sunday nights at 8pm ET/PT on Style.

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  2. Olivia is my fav… I love this girl Tracy looks like a man dress as a women….. Stop hating on olivia… you’re welcome…lol

  3. Seriously tracy should get a grip of herself as well as carthy. Anthony kip d AR saloon soaring high.nd olivia ure Ṁ̭̥̈̅̄Ɣ girl d main reason y i watch jerseyliciou u rock girl d sky is Ʋя̲̣̥ limit…luv u loads girl.

  4. Filly should date Miley Cyrus. Although there would be a fight for all of the mirrors in their home, as well as who would throw the most temper tantrums. Neither is an artist, and about as sexy as a 95year old woman in a bikini.

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