“The Littlest Wedding” episode on AMC’s Freakshow tonight

Tonight’s episode of AMC’s Freakshow, “The Littlest Wedding” (9:30pm ET), features Amazing Ali (the littlest lady in L.A., standing at just 3’5″) and her upcoming nuptials to fellow little person Matt. Ali shares her wedding options with Venice Beach Freakshow AMC Freakshow "The Littlest Wedding" episode featuring Amazig Aliowners and friends Todd and Danielle Ray, contemplating whether she should have a big wedding.

Of course, Todd Ray — whose driving force of life is that feeling of pure amazement and astonishment — would never settle for something simple. Todd suggests going big. “Go grand and people will remember it forever, and you will too,” he tells Ali. Todd pulls from his trunk loads of circus memorabilia a photo of Tom Thumb’s wedding and explains how P.T. Barnum hyped his wedding to the fullest. He shares how Tom and his wife were presented as royalty and sets out to replicate the famous Tom Thumb wedding for Ali once she agrees on “going grand.”

When we first talked to Todd about Freakshow‘s premiere (the series airs on AMC Thursdays at 9:30pm ET), he shared his adoration for his team of performers, describing Ali as amazing. “She’s extremely little but so beautiful and just the sweetest person you’ll ever meet in your life.” Over the years Todd and Danielle have opened their business and home to their performers and now consider them all part of their family. “Performers who do these kinds of stunts and amazing acts have a very hard time finding a home these days,” he says. “They’re pretty much outcasts in the so-called normal world. Once they began to hear of me and what I have created and opened to them, they realized that this was a home for them and a place where not only do they fit in, but they are superheroes. Not only do they have a place to stay, they have a place to make money and an audience to entertain. It’s been a very organic, very magical process. I really can’t even put words to the beauty and mystery on how this has all come together, but it’s real.”

Freakshow airs on AMC Thursdays at 9:30pm ET

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