TV Land Awards 2013 not happening, network says

For the past 10 years, springtime has meant another addition of the TV Land Awards, a nostalgia-packed gala that celebrates classic television and usually is good for at least one blockbuster cast reunion. Yet the TV Land Awards 2013 are not to be.

A spokesman for TV Land told me, “We love the TV Land Awards and think there is great value in the franchise, but we will not be producing the show this spring.”

Short and sweet, but a bitter pill for fans of a show that has brought such memorable moments as 2011’s Welcome Back, Kotter reunion, which probably stands as John Travolta’s most recent dignified public appearance. Then there was last year’s One Day at a Time get-together, which takes on extra poignancy in light of star Bonnie Franklin’s death earlier this month. The show also had brought back casts from Family Ties, The Cosby Show, The Caroll Burnett Show, The Facts of Life, The Brady Bunch, In Living Color and several others.

No word yet on whether the TV Land Awards are gone for good, but here’s hoping they get another shot. We’re always talking about how there are too many awards shows, and that we could stand to lose a few (Would country-music fans really feel cheated with one less awards show?), but this is one we actually kinda liked. It allowed us to indulge in that need for nostalgia but not feel all cheap about it. No mean feat.

The cast of "Welcome Back Kotter" reunites at the 2011 TV Land Awards


Photo: Scott Gries/PictureGroup


  1. I sure hope they have the TV Land Awards for 2014, I like to see a Award for the 50 th anniversary of The Munsters.!

    • I’d love to see the Munsters honored too. Also Sanford and Son, Family Affair, The Incredible Hulk, Fantasy Island…..Thanks to Netflex I now love Malcom in the Middle, My name is Earl…countless others.

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