TV Land Awards 2013 not happening, network says

For the past 10 years, springtime has meant another addition of the TV Land Awards, a nostalgia-packed gala that celebrates classic television and usually is good for at least one blockbuster cast reunion. Yet the TV Land Awards 2013 are not to be.

A spokesman for TV Land told me, “We love the TV Land Awards and think there is great value in the franchise, but we will not be producing the show this spring.”

Short and sweet, but a bitter pill for fans of a show that has brought such memorable moments as 2011’s Welcome Back, Kotter reunion, which probably stands as John Travolta’s most recent dignified public appearance. Then there was last year’s One Day at a Time get-together, which takes on extra poignancy in light of star Bonnie Franklin’s death earlier this month. The show also had brought back casts from Family Ties, The Cosby Show, The Caroll Burnett Show, The Facts of Life, The Brady Bunch, In Living Color and several others.

No word yet on whether the TV Land Awards are gone for good, but here’s hoping they get another shot. We’re always talking about how there are too many awards shows, and that we could stand to lose a few (Would country-music fans really feel cheated with one less awards show?), but this is one we actually kinda liked. It allowed us to indulge in that need for nostalgia but not feel all cheap about it. No mean feat.

The cast of "Welcome Back Kotter" reunites at the 2011 TV Land Awards


Photo: Scott Gries/PictureGroup


    • I know this has been a difficult show to plan and coordinate schedules for those shows being reunited – some for the last time.
      Hopefully, it will return next year.

  1. This is the only awards show on television that honors forgotten stars from the past, not just the “under 30” stars of today. Please let another network run it.If TV Land doesn’t care anymore, why should we be interested in TV Land anymore?

  2. all the older actors and actresses are was nice that jonathon was honored before he died. so many others will not be honored cause you wont continue these awards. its what us fans want

  3. Just another reason I have left TV Land. TV Land used to be the channel that showed the old shows that nobody else had, now they show the ones that all the channels have. Such as The Golden Girls, Mash and starting in June Friends just to name a few. There are other channels that show the classic shows and thats where I’ll be.

  4. It’s too bad that The TV Land Awards are not going to air this year..There are alot of famous performers and personalties..that should be honored by this unique awards show..”The Abbott & Costello Show”,”The Gary Moore Show”,”The Ed Sullivan Show”,”Wonderama”And two of it’s hosts/performers:Sonny Fox and Bill Britten,Chuck McCann,Soupy Sales,”The Adventures Of Superman”,”Mr.Ed”,”My Favorite Martian”,etc.

    Hopfully? This awards show will return in the near future?

    • I think that’s a great idea for a future show – – to honor some of the icons of the “kid’s shows” we all grew up watching. Many have passed and could be honored with clips, but there are still many living who I’m sure would be thrilled to participate – – maybe PBS is listening if TV Land is not.

    • I’d also love to see the Barney Miller group reunite one more time, before they lose any more.

  5. what the heck about this. Honor good shows in the past. How about the people that are born now. they don’t get to be the experience of the life the 80’s or 90’s. for me I was born in the 90’s and love the fresh prince of bel-air could let say be honor. So bring it back for something good this time.

  6. its so inportant to have this awards show,, you as why…. because almost every show thats honored or even someone who was there… has died the following year. thats why we need this show

  7. Michael Levitt, who created the show, did such a great job of bringing our favorites from the past together for (in many cases) one last time. Let’s hope the TVLand Awards show returns in 2014.

  8. The TV Land Awards was one show worth watching… fun,informative, nostalgic… I do hope that it returns next year. We have an inordinate amount of awards shows out there, but this one is actually worth watching!

  9. A huge disappointment. Nostalgia is the appeal. Have they ever had an Alice, Eight Is Enough, Tracey Ullman Show, Little House reunion??

  10. Awwwww common folks – this was an awards show that people wanted to see and look forward to seeing! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change your minds or at least, if you’re not going to do it, let someone else do it!

  11. to bad something different and entertaining will not be seen this year.
    I bet some ding a ling will make room for another stupid reality show

  12. this is so wrong, alot of people look forward to this awards show. this shows meant a lot.
    its how tv should be. please reconsider tv land


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