New episodes of “Alien Encounters” highlight Science Channel’s latest “Are We Alone?” Month

Science Channel premieres a series of new programs about extraterrestrial life airing Tuesdays in March as part of its latest “Are We Alone? Month, including follow-up episodes to last year’s popular Alien Encounters. In these four world-premiere episodes, leading experts explore the hunt for life forms that lie beyond Earth, examine the probable human response to actual aliens landing on Earth and divulge new scientific discoveries about the existence of extraterrestrials.

“Are We Alone? month was a big hit for Science Channel last March. We invited viewers to join the search for extraterrestrial life, and it’s clear that everyone enjoys programming of an alien kind,” said Debbie Adler Myers, executive vice president and general manager, Science Channel. “Especially the way our network approaches it – with a uniquely scientific perspective. This year, Science Channel has four world premieres that use stunning visuals, world-renowned experts and enthralling storytelling that help us to once again own the alien category.”

Two new episodes of Alien Encounters begin where last year’s two episodes left off. A swarm of alien spacecraft hover in the Earth’s atmosphere and suddenly deposit thousands of mysterious capsules on the surface. How will mankind respond to this extraterrestrial presence? Will humans panic or show restraint? Using science and dramatic science fiction, Alien Encounters examines these questions and more.

Alien Encounters: “The Invasion” premieres March 5 at 10pm ET/PT on Science Channel.

Alien Encounters: “The Offspring” premieres March 12 at 10pm ET/PT on Science Channel.

This special is billed as an “Encyclopedia Galactica” of non-Earth life forms, and as an investigation into the latest scientific understanding of life beyond our planet, including on Earth-like exoplanets. Aliens: The Definitive Guide showcases the scientists who are currently grappling with extraordinary questions about alien life.

Aliens: The Definitive Guide Episode 1 premieres March 19 at 10pm ET/PT on Science Channel.

Aliens: The Definitive Guide Episode 2 premieres March 26 at 10pm ET/PT on Science Channel.


Photo: Prof. Kevin Warwick, University of Reading, Cybernetics Department, from “Aliens: The Definitive Guide” — Credit Freddie Claire/Science Channel