Jerseylicious Season 5, Episode 5 recap: “Behind Frenemy Lines”

With so much drama going on in Jerseylicious land, what a snoozefest of an episode!

First off, the gang at Anthony Roberts gets together to brainstorm ideas for the 225 years of Jersey picture book. Anthony & Olivia bring in Karl Giant to be photographer, which is a no-brainer. For budget reasons they decide it would be good to bring in help from the Gatsby and Alexa for hair, makeup & modeling. I was kind of excited about this since we have not seen hide nor hair of the Glam Factory bunch this season, but alas, still no one from it. I am guessing with mama duties and her own hit show we will not be seeing much of Alexa. Moving on … Gayle informs the staff at Gatsby they will be partaking in producing the book and everyone is excited except Gigi. Of course she’s not – this means she will have to work with Tracy and Olivia. Until things get cleared up between the three, I can imagine this would be a rather hostile environment to work in.

During a lunch meeting with Karl & Olivia to discuss the direction of the book, Anthony fears Karl is starting to take over his project with all his wild, sparkly, glam ideas. Karl is also adamant that he also belongs as an author since it’s all his visions coming to life, and he deserves more than just a photographer credit.

Whoa, wait a minute. Whose idea was this book? Hmmm, Anthony’s? Yeah, that’s what I thought, too.

Anthony, prop shopping

So Anthony, while out prop shopping with Cathy, confesses to her that he thinks Karl is taking over. Cathy, not happy with this, decides to get in the middle. Eventually, at Karl’s studio to check out the space, Cathy opens up the can of worms of how Karl is not the author, it is not his book and he should not get more than a photo credit. Karl disagrees and says if he can’t get author credit he is out. The shoot is in 2 days so how the heck are they going to fill that void? Olivia, playing mediator, steps up and convinces Anthony that Karl is bringing enough to the table that he deserves it. So Ant agrees & gives in as long as he gets final say on everything.

Karl and Anthony discussing book author credit

Elsewhere in Jersey land, er, I mean New York, Tracy moves into her new place on Staten Island with Cory. Bragging about how happy she is that she moved away from the Gigi situation, she is not happy that she moved out of Jersey’ ‘cause she IS and always will be a Jersey girl. For Cory she’ll give it a whirl. So the two decide to have a housewarming party and while decking out their new pad, Tracy is very short and frustrated. She is not looking forward to this sit-down the next day.

Tracy moving into her & Cory's new house on Staten Island

Cory convinces her it will be OK and all’s fine in Tracy land except for Cory’s love of baby blue. She refuses to have the whole house decked out in baby blue. Yawn. But hey, later at the party we learn they have a bidet that Mrs. Giove refers to as a “roller coaster of fun,” so good times to come I’m sure!

Now back to the roller coaster of fun that is Olivia, Tracy & Gigi.

The whole “sit-down” was a major letdown! It ends up with Tracy screaming at Gigi, Gigi doing a lot of arm movements like she’s preaching or something & Olivia being pretty mum.

Olivia bored during Tracy-Gigi sitdown

Finally, Olivia does speak up and I have to say, the girl’s got a point. She’s the only rational one in this situation. I have always been “team Olivia” and now I see why. Tracy is so irrational, juvenile and dramatic that she just storms out at the end like a little baby with pretty much nothing resolved. Well except for that she is so done with being friends with Gigi, and Olivia tells G that she may be able to be friends with her again but it’s going to take time. You can see the whole thing for yourself below:

Stay tuned for next week, as the preview showed it looks to be explosive fun at the photo shoot. Then again, the preview for this week looked explosive, too. Also, a programming note: Jerseylicious will be moving back to it’s previous time slot on Sunday night.

New episodes of Jerseylicious air Sunday nights at 8pm ET/PT on Style.

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  1. I can`t believe while watching Reunion 5 That Tracy is the BIGGEST BuLLy I ever seen tracy cme to Brooklyn yu think the Jersey girls from the polluted State are tough you would eaten up in Brooklyn especially in my time you beat up on girls smaller than you (Olivia) and now Gigi sitting down your a BIG Girl you should pick on girls your size If I was on that stage I would have jumped up and knocked you into the swamp of Staten Island go to anger management classes if you notice the drama revolves around you !!First Olivia now GiGi I don`t know if this is for the camera but that girl wold have 4 black eyes and her twig of a man would be in the swamp…. She is EVIL never liked her . I am all rallied up if I was GiGi`s mother I`d knock on Tracy`s mother`s door and kick her ass and her daughters . I hope u read this Tracy and Corey gain some muscle cause someday you are going to need. Wow these chicks think there tough they should have grown up in Brooklyn they would be hiding under there bed .

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