Duck Dynasty cast returns for Season 3 on A&E

Duck Dynasty cast returns for Season 3 on A&E Wednesday at 10pm ET.

Willie Robertson on Season 3 of A&E's Duck DynastyIt might not be duck season in Louisiana, but it is time for another of the Bayou State’s biggest attraction — Season 3 of the insanely popular Duck Dynasty. Seriously, I cover a lot of shows and have interviewed a lot of people — some of whom might even be considered pretty famous — but never do I get the reactions I get from people when they learn I’ve interviewed Willie Robertson (twice!) and Miss Kay.

It begs the question: What is it about this unassuming family that has so captured the public’s imagination? It’s not like there isn’t a whole spectrum of reality-show personalities to choose from. Everything from Real Housewives to Honey Boo Boo, so what’s so appealing about a bunch of dudes in beards? Fans I’ve spoken to always mention the lack of bad language and, perhaps more importantly, bad behavior that is the calling card of so much of the genre. Then there’s the prayer at the family table that ends every episode. The diehard fans act as though a family like the Robinsons — who turned their duck-calling business into a multimillion-dollar empire — are the answer to their television prayers. They’ve been waiting to see a family like theirs, or a family they wish theirs was like, on TV.

Miss Kay told me when she sees fans crying at Duck Dynasty events because they weren’t able to meet their favorite TV stars, she’s crying right along with them. She doesn’t see the fans as ratings points but as people, probably because when she was making out her goals in life, being a reality TV star was way, way, way down on the list.

Those fans will be happy to know that success doesn’t seem to have changed the Robertsons. In the first of the two episodes that kick off Season 3 on Wednesday, “Duck Season Eve,” they’ll see the men get ready for duck season, making fun of each other’s manliness, or lack thereof, the whole time. Jase and Si take turns poking fun at Willie’s idea of roughing it, which they say includes opening a garage door manually, having a shower head with only three massage settings, and watching the DVD instead of the Blu-ray. Pulling up to the campsite in a tricked-out RV doesn’t do him any favors. Willie’s the butt of the joke again in “Can’t Hardly Weight,” which involves the old reliable plot of trying to shed a few pounds before the high-school reunion.

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  1. Hey Si,
    That was a real cute hunting dog you got yourself, I nearly wet my self laughing when you showed up with that.

    Willie how come you guys don’t answer any of your posts on Facebook? And how can I get an 8 X 10 Glossy of Jessica?

    Must admit you guys are funny, the best part of the show is the lack of fowl language and the evening prayer ending each show.

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