Breaking Amish Season 2: TLC’s controversial hit returns in May

It’s official: Breaking Amish Season 2 is in production in Sarasota, Florida, and all five cast members from the controversial TLC hit appear to be back to attempt a fresh start in sunnier climes.

The series came under fire before its first season could even begin when online sleuths and acquaintances of the wayward Amish and Mennonite quintet quickly revealed that Abe, Rebecca, Kate, Sabrina and Jeremiah were far from the naive, fresh-off-the-farmland bumpkins in the Big Apple that the show portrayed. In short order, America knew that Sabrina, Jeremiah and Rebecca were all divorced, that “brand-new couple” Abe and Rebecca actually had a toddler daughter together and Jeremiah had three kids of his own, and that Kate was a working model with a DUI arrest on her record.

But viewers kept tuning in, making it the most successful series premiere in TLC history. And leaving fans clamoring for more — Amish or otherwise — after the finale that featured Kate landing a modeling contract, Abe landing Rebecca as his bride and Sabrina and Jeremiah agreeing to be pals.

Rumors of new cast members abound, including Kym Boggs, Jeremiah’s non-Amish girlfriend mentioned in the Season 1 finale, and a second Kate who was reportedly seen being filmed with the original Kate at Sarasota’s L. boutique and spa.

The eight-episode second season of Breaking Amish is scheduled to premiere in May on TLC.

Image/video: TLC 

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