Pastor Rick Warren brings his lessons for a purpose driven life to Oprah’s Lifeclass Feb. 24

His inspirational book The Purpose Driven Life has sold tens of millions of copies worldwide and been translated into more than 50 languages since its 2002 debut. Now Pastor Rick Warren drops by Oprah’s Lifeclass to give viewers an even deeper understanding of how to put his words and ideas into meaningful action. The episode airs this Sunday, February 24 at 9pm ET/PT on OWN..

As the founder of Southern Californa’s Saddleback church — which now boasts some 20,000 members and numerous satellite congregations — Warren has made it his life’s mission to help people answer the question that is the subtitle of his tome: “What on earth am I here for?”

He and Winfrey discuss what he calls the three levels of existence in terms readily identifiable in a age of overscheduled lives and underwhelming bank balances. An except of the conversation:

Winfrey: Pastor Rick believes that everybody lives at one of three levels in life. Okay? Survival–

Warren: Survival, success, or significance. And we’re gonna talk about those tonight.

Winfrey: And only when you reach the highest level– that is significance– are you living your life with purpose. So, first of all, define each of the levels.

Warren: Well, survival is pretty self-explanatory. America’s filled with people living at survival level emotionally. And at survival level emotionally you’re just putting in your time. You’re just checking the time card. You’re waiting for the weekend and you’re dreaming of going on vacation or retiring. If you’re–

Winfrey: I see some heads nodding out there.  <laughter>  Anybody out there– you know what we’re talking about– in survival mode, right? You just–

Warren: If you’re always just getting by and emotionally you just feel like, “I’m tired and I’m sick. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.”  Then you’re at survival level. And if you’re only goal is to simply get through the weekend, then you have a whole lot more in store for your life than that.

Warren also discusses how to identify negative emotions might be driving our lives and how to change our thoughts and actions to more positive, proactive.

Finally, viewers will get an update from Ashley Smith, the Atlanta single mom who convinced serial killer Brian Nichols to surrender  peacefully to police by reading The Purpose Driven Life to him during the seven hours he held her hostage. Eight years later, Smith describes how horrifying experience changed her life for the better nearly eight years later.
See Pastor Rick Warren on Oprah’s Lifeclass this Sunday, Feb. 24 at 9pm ET/PT on OWN.

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