1. I am disappointed with this season’s Rupaul Drag Race, thanks to Alyssa Edwards. He start mess with everyone and then run. These guys have no class at all. Please bring back the style and class that this show started with that had me wanting to watch it week after week and all the reruns.

  2. Um…I think “the look” is the base for all you do in drag. Honey is on another level and is as sweet as her name, so to her it isn’t the do all, be all.

  3. You’re crazy if you interpreted that as them not liking Jinkx. She was top 3 with Ivy and Alyssa. It’s pretty much always top 3, bottom 3 called out. They were just wondering if she could also go even higher with glamor as well. I’m pretty sure if Alyssa hadn’t been such a great performer, Jinkx would have won the challenge with the great performance and leadership shown.

    • You can call me crazy, but I saw it as more of a top 2 & bottom 4. I thought of their opinion on Jinkx as split, simply because she got read for her mainstage look, but she got praise for her performance in the ballet. Ivy got positive praise on both counts. I think Ivy would’ve won the challenge if Alyssa were out of the picture.

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