Jerseylicious Season 5, Episode 4 recap: “Two Faced to Face”

Lori Acken

Welcome back, Jerseylicious fans. In the latest installment, we learn that Anthony is all about starting a book to celebrate the history of hairstyles and fashion in New Jersey for the state’s 225-year anniversary. Now at first I’m thinking that’s a cool idea: they can re-create the looks of what was big during that time period.


They will re-create events in Jersey’s past, using modern hair and fashion. Sounds kind of lame to me, but whatevs.

Jerseylicious Season 5 recap

Tracy offers up her friend Sammy to help out, since she has experience dealing with publishers, so Sammy sits down with Anthony and Olivia to tell them how to go about assembling a pitch. During a staff brainstorming meeting for the pitch, we learn Tracy is about as smart as a rock when it comes to history and what this picture book is really all about — and Filly is just so into himself that he can’t stop looking at his pecs. Oh, and Olivia can’t figure out how to clean off her laptop, so she hauls her entire 27-inch iMac into the salon.

Geez, really people?!

The actual pitch turns out as tacky as flypaper, and the publisher says no because of time restraints. Ant wants this book out in two months and the publisher informs him that a process like this takes at least 10 months. A discouraged Anthony thinks his dream is dead, but Olivia tells him to get with the times and just publish it himself. Ant’s all like, “Really, you can do that?” Olivia convinces him that, yes, you can do that and they agree to go in 50-50 on making this book happen.

Now on to the REAL drama of the episode.

Olivia has been dating Jackie’s cousin Nick, so during a mini-golf outing, she tells Jackie and Michelle that she talked to Tracy about the whole Gigi conflict. Michelle tells Gigi what Olivia said. Gigi wants to have a sit-down with Tracy and Olivia to talk this over, so she goes to Olivia’s to say she wants all three to meet, but Olivia tells her she’s a two-faced, bad friend for making Tracy believe Gigi was really friends with her. Gigi insists that her friendship with Olivia is real and she wants to make things better between them, so she convinces Olivia to have the sit-down.

In an effort to make this actually happen, Gigi stakes out the Anthony Roberts parking lot until Tracy leaves work to ask her to take part in the talk (this all feels very mobbish to me). Tracy IMMEDIATELY goes into attack mode on Gigi. In fact, there was so much bleeping out of words that all I could hear was someone was calling someone cheap and scum on the bottom of their shoe.

Poor Gigi couldn’t even fit in that she wants to try and work things out because Tracy is so psychotic and won’t even listen to her.

Also on The Tracy Show, I mean Jerseylicious, Tracy decides she needs a new apartment, so then this happens….

Finally, over in Gatsby land, we discover that Gayle wants a facelift. Christy says no way does she need one, but once Gayle bribes her with getting lip injections, she agrees to go along on some consults. The doctor says Gayle is fine as is and really doesn’t need a facelift, but she’s not buying it. Later, she meets up with Anthony and confesses to him that the reason she wants the lift is because she wants a man and is having a hard time finding one because all the men her age date younger ladies.

After much consideration Gayle goes against how Christy feels and decides she is going to go for it.

Next week on Jerseylicious, Tracy must have listened to Gigi at some point because Gigi, Tracy and Olivia are all in the same room.

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