Discovery Channel’s “Gold Rush” goes live for Season 3 finale

Discovery Channel’s current No. 1 series, Gold Rush, will be digging up a first this week as it airs its first ever live event to cap off its third season and reveal which crew finally struck it rich and hit the mother lode. Gold Rush Live will be a two-hour live event from Portland airing Friday, Feb. 22, at 8pm ET/PT.

After three years of digging the glory hole, Dakota Fred continued his hunt for an ancient waterfall and started to see the best gold yet just as winter set in. Were his hopes of walking away a millionaire dashed by his crew’s inability to keep their equipment up and running? Parker Schnabel brought in a brand-new crew and rebuilt his wash plant, but was his family mine simply out of gold rush ground? And Todd Hoffman set an ambitious 1,000 ounce goal. To get a million-dollar payday, he doubled down, securing two claims and twice the men and machines. Was Todd able to right the wrongs of the past and finally hit it big?

These are some of the questions addressed in Gold Rush Live, which will be hosted by Christo Doyle, executive producer of Gold Rush and also host of The Dirt. Gold Rush Live will also reveal the miners’ surprising mining plans for Gold Rush Season 4.

And, of course, Gold Rush Live will feature the big moment when each mining crew will reveal its total take in gold for Season 3. Apparently, this is the first time in the history of Gold Rush that all of the miners have been brought together to lay everything on the line live.

The two-hour Gold Rush Season 3 finale — Gold Rush Live — premieres Feb. 22 at 8pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel.


Photo: Edward Gorsuch/Discovery Channel


  1. Stephen is on track of the costs involved especially
    those of equipment. Never in the three seasons was a single mention of equipment maintenance but only the
    thought of running all pieces to destruction! I would
    hate to be the person who would have to follow Todd’s
    crew and pick up the pieces. What a waste!

    Todd has earned the label of FRICK’N IDIOT in my mind!

  2. I started watching Gold Rush last year during season 2 and have been hooked ever since. The story of everyday normal guys taking a chance and working hard to make some money mining for gold. It is kinda crazy but that is what the show is about. The fans of this show value the dedication, ingenuity, and toughness on display each week. The documentary production is done extremely well and it makes the viewer feel as if they are there with the problems, the tough decisions, and the victories. Since fans have watched these crews for 3 years we have come to some conclusions based on their actions. Some of these conclusions are not positive but they are accurate. First let’s start with Parker. To begin with you hate this little prick, but the more you watch and learn of his family and his background, the more we see how he acts with his crew, the more we want to like the kid. Second we get to the Dakota boys. Now things started out rocky when Fred decided to buy the claim that he worked during the first season with the Hoffman crew. This was pretty brash but Fred doesn’t really care what you think. It now seems that he was right to distance himself from the Hoffman crew in order to actually make some money for himself. He is the definition of a hard worker and he’s not afraid to go at it alone. His practicality is exhibited in almost every episode through fixing a broken part and just finding a way to get it done. Now to the Hoffman crew. There is the dad Hoffman and Todd Hoffman who are the leaders, for some unknown reason, of the crew. There seems to be better qualified members of the crew but we will get to that shortly. So these two Hoffman guys, do they perform a lot of the work, do they have more knowledge of gold mining, do they take the risky tough tasks as an example to the rest of the crew what a good leader should be. The answer to all of these questions is no. Todd, the head of the operation, spends essentially all of his time on the radio telling the others what to do, this season he also liked to boast that his crew was superior to the other half of the team. He creates division when it is unnecessary. He also loves to pull rank on his underlings when he chooses. When there is a very dangerous job, the operator’s life is at risk, does not step up and do it himself, no he yells through the radio to get it done and he doesn’t care if the truck falls over the cliff with the operator inside. He wears a 316 mining shirt all the time but has the twitter hash tag #goldrushmafia. That leads us to the outcome of the current season when we have been promised a mother lode. Discovery was very non specific and I got suspicious the final 2 or 3 weeks that the mother lode might not be a big deal. See there are alot of people and alot of expenses involved in the hoffman gold mining operation. First there are the trailers, probably 8 to 10, to house the workers and their families. Est. $200,000. Next there are the 2 brand new wash plants, est $500,000. 4 rock trucks, est $300,000, 3 dozers, est $250,000, 2 excavators, est $130,000, 2 loaders, est $130,000, diesel fuel, est $100,000, travel for crew and families, est $ 30,000, and leasing the land for mining, est 20% of the profit. So they pulled out $1.26 million worth of gold. How much did they pay to the land owner, est $230,000. Let’s say 1 million remaining. Now we can subtract the expenses of $1,640,000. Wow that means they are in the red by 640,000. Therefore they did not make any profit, but Discovery does not tell us the expenses so I cannot be sure but say I’m off in the expenses by half so the expenses are only 820,000. That makes them a profit of 180,000 evenly divided, which I know it is not, gives each crew member 18,000 for 5 months of work. That does not meet my definition of hitting the motherlode.

  3. This show was Christo Doyle’s trommel moment. Memo to Christo: show was a bust. don’t repeat this format for a finale again.

    As for “big surprises” the only one was Dave & Thurber apparently throwing in with Todd for yet another adventure somewhere else. Thurber you can understand, but Dave?

    Parker without Grandpa John will be a challenge. Maybe Tony Beets as a mentor will pick up the slack, but please give Tony some elocution lessons in the offseason. Also, if Parker goes to the Klondike, Tony will have to be an investor in the venture. Parker doesnt have the scratch.

    One hundred and thirty ounces of a glory hole bust made Porcupine Creek a bad investment for Dakota Boys. Trying to follow them into the Boonies to jack hammer and crush glacier rocks next season will be extremely expensive and logistical nightmare. Also expect Jack to be holding nothing but his schwantz at season end.

    As for Todd, Jack, Trhurber and Dave. Good luck with them. Expect to see a repeat of season one with equipment screwups by the numbers. Maybe Jack getting liquored up and driving off in another excavator?

    All that said, the show is entertaining. Please don’t put us fans thru another tormenting finale show like this one again

  4. Was Todd Hoffman drunk on the finale show or what? Jesus Christ, he is a bigger buffoon on live TV than editing the show could ever dream of making him look. And what is with the jerky movements on his face? The guy actually seemed drunk.

    • If he lost 60 pounds and lost the Z Z Top beard, nobody would Joan on him anymore. Appearing like he was loaded would have been considered cool

      • my husband is an ace excavator operator,he could be an asset for the teams if he were on gold rush.he has single handed re-arranged a property that he care takes,he has installed a bridge and made beautiful wildlife feed lots,he has been photgraphed by the dept of forrestry for the way he has made what was a basic un-usable 300 acres into a paradise for wildlife, this includes putting in a bridge,and making a nice area for family to picnic,he is dedicated to doing the best job he can do and he has a great insight for what a area should look like in order to function as a refuge,so if you need a man who will work hard and be dedicated Ed Kellogg is your man.

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