FOX Saturday Baseball 2013 schedule

FOX Saturday Baseball 2013 schedule begins April 6 with the New York Yankees at the Detroit Tigers, the St. Louis Cardinals at the San Francisco Giants or the Anaheim Angels at the Texas Rangers.

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FOX Saturday Baseball 2013FOX Saturday Baseball Game of the Week returns in 2013, with 24 weeks of regional games including eight in prime time. The FOX schedule begins Saturday, April 6, with rematches of 2012 ALCS and NLCS as the the defending AL champion Detroit Tigers host the New York Yankees and the World Series champion San Francisco Giants welcome the St. Louis Cardinals. Also, Josh Hamilton returns to face his former team as the Anaheim Angels visit the Texas Rangers.


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MLB TV schedule 2013

FOX Saturday Baseball 2013 schedule

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Prime-time games (7pm ET) begin May 25 and run through July 13. FOX broadcasts the 84th MLB All-Star Game from the New York Mets’ Citi Field, on Tuesday, July 16 (7:30pm ET). Postseason action on FOX includes the American League Championship Series and the 109th World Series in October.

MLB will remain on FOX through 2021, following a new multimedia rights agreement taking effect in 2014. FOX will have fewer national broadcast TV games, with 12 Saturday games on FOX and up to 40 games airing on the new FOX Sports 1 cable channel.

2013 FOX Saturday Baseball 2013 schedule
Schedule subject to change. Times are on-air times.

Saturday, April 6
3:30pm — N.Y. Yankees at Detroit Tigers, St. Louis Cardinals at San Francisco Giants or L.A. Angels at Texas Rangers
Saturday, April 13
12:30pm — Tampa Bay Rays at Boston Red Sox, San Francisco Giants at Chicago Cubs or
Atlanta Braves at Washington Nationals
Saturday, April 20
2:30pm — Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox, Detroit Tigers at L.A. Angels or Washington Nationals at N.Y. Mets
Saturday, April 27
12:30pm — Atlanta Braves at Detroit Tigers, Philadelphia Phillies at N.Y. Mets or Cincinnati Reds at Washington Nationals
Saturday, May 4
3:30pm — Baltimore Orioles at L.A. Angels, St. Louis Cardinals at Milwaukee Brewers
or Washington Nationals at Pittsburgh Pirates
Saturday, May 18
3:30pm — Tampa Bay Rays at Baltimore Orioles, Chicago White Sox at L.A. Angels
or Cincinnati Reds at Philadelphia Phillies
Saturday, May 25
7pm — Miami Marlins at Chicago White Sox, Oakland A’s at Houston Astros, St. Louis Cardinals at L.A. Dodgers, Atlanta Braves at N.Y. Mets or Philadelphia Phillies at Washington Nationals
Saturday, June 1
7pm — Washington Nationals at Atlanta Braves, Arizona Diamondbacks at Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox at N.Y. Yankees, Cincinnati Reds at Pittsburgh Pirates or San Francisco Giants at St. Louis Cardinals
Saturday, June 8
7pm — L.A. Angels at Boston Red Sox, St. Louis Cardinals at Cincinnati Reds, San Diego Padres at Colorado Rockies, Houston Astros at Kansas City Royals or Philadelphia Phillies at Milwaukee Brewers
Saturday, June 15
7pm — Washington Nationals at Cleveland Indians, Chicago White Sox at Houston Astros, N.Y. Yankees at L.A. Angels, Detroit Tigers at Minnesota Twins or Seattle Mariners at Oakland A’s
Saturday, June 22
7pm — Cincinnati Reds at Arizona Diamondbacks, Minnesota Twins at Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox at Detroit Tigers, L.A. Dodgers at San Diego Padres or Texas Rangers at St. Louis Cardinals
Saturday, June 29
7pm — N.Y. Yankees at Baltimore Orioles, Milwaukee Brewers at Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago Cubs at Seattle Mariners, Detroit Tigers at Tampa Bay Rays or Cincinnati Reds at Texas Rangers
Saturday, July 6
7pm — N.Y. Mets at Milwaukee Brewers, Atlanta Braves at Philadelphia Phillies, L.A. Dodgers at San Francisco Giants, Chicago White Sox at Tampa Bay Rays or Houston Astros at Texas Rangers
Saturday, July 13
7pm — St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs, Texas Rangers at Detroit Tigers, Colorado Rockies at L.A. Dodgers, Washington Nationals at Miami Marlins or N.Y. Mets at Pittsburgh Pirates
Tuesday, July 16
7:30pm — 2013 MLB All-Star Game from Citi Field – Flushing, N.Y.
Saturday, July 20
3:30pm — N.Y. Yankees at Boston Red Sox, Atlanta Braves at Chicago White Sox or Pittsburgh Pirates at Cincinnati Reds
Saturday, July 27
2:30pm — St. Louis Cardinals at Atlanta Braves, L.A. Angels at Oakland A’s or N.Y. Mets at Washington Nationals
Saturday, Aug. 3
3:30pm — L.A. Dodgers at Chicago Cubs, Texas Rangers at Oakland A’s or Atlanta Braves at Philadelphia Phillies
Saturday, Aug. 10
3:30pm — Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox, Tampa Bay Rays at L.A. Dodgers or Baltimore Orioles at San Francisco Giants
Saturday, Aug. 17
3:30pm — N.Y. Yankees at Boston Red Sox, San Francisco Giants at Miami Marlins or Arizona Diamondbacks at Pittsburgh Pirates
Saturday, Aug. 24
3:30pm — Oakland A’s at Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox at L.A. Dodgers or Detroit Tigers at N.Y. Mets
Saturday, Sept. 7
12:30pm — Milwaukee Brewers at Chicago Cubs, L.A. Dodgers at Cincinnati Reds or Boston Red Sox at N.Y. Yankees
Saturday, Sept. 14
12:30pm — N.Y. Yankees at Boston Red Sox, Cincinnati Reds at Milwaukee Brewers or Oakland A’s at Texas Rangers
Saturday, Sept. 21
12:30pm — To Be Announced
Saturday, Sept. 28
12:30pm — To Be Announced





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