Dog and Beth: On The Hunt premieres April 21 on CMT

Dog and Beth: On the Hunt, the new CMT reality show from former Dog the Bounty Hunter stars Dog, Beth and Leland Chapman will premiere Sunday, April 21 at 8pm ET/PT on CMT.

And this time, the trio leaves Hawaii behind to help fledgling and struggling bail bondsmen across America capture some the country’s most dangerous criminals.

In each of the series’ 11 episodes, the Chapmans travel to a different city, teaming up with local agencies to improve their business practices — from bond writing to tactical training to the latest in non-lethal weaponry — then lead them on pulse-pounding missions to hunt down criminals on the lam.

In a statement released by CMT, Duane “Dog” Chapman said, “Filming this show with CMT has given us a broader ability to reach our fans and serve our professional industry in a way no other bail agent ever could. We are meeting with the families of heroes who at times lay their lives down to protect fellow Americans.”

“CMT gives Dog a chance to do what he loves best – catching fugitives and changing lives while showing America that bail agents are needed much more than they realize,” Beth Chapman added.

In an interview earlier this year, Beth told me why Leland is the only Chapman child featured on Dog and Beth: On the Hunt. “The focal point of the show is our relationship — and our relationship with Leland, because Leland wants to stay with his dad,” she explained. “He wants to be the one staying right here and doing what he does. And so we were really happy about that.”

“Baby” Lyssa Chapman recently tweeted hints about a possible collaboration with Real World creators Bunim/Murray for a new reality show based on her upcoming biography Walking On Eggshells — though the tweets appear to have been removed.

More information on Dog and Beth: On the Hunt can be found at or on the show’s official Facebook page.

Dog the Bounty Hunter premieres Sunday, April 21 at 8pm ET/PT on CMT.



  1. Cant believe there back, he honestly thinks he’s a cop and enters homes without warrants. She’s a mouthy sow who thinks she’s a size 2. She needs to get owned to shut that thing up.

  2. I am so glad Dog and Beth or back They or really good at what they do and states need help there or a lot of bad guys around and I wish they were not

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