The Weather Channel re-airs “Meteors” episode of “Deadliest Space Weather” tonight

In the wake of the disastrous meteor that just exploded over Russia today, The Weather Channel has tweaked its schedule for this evening, Feb. 15, and will be re-airing the “Meteors” episode of its new series Deadliest Space Weather at 9pm ET (repeating at midnight ET).

With more people likely to be interested in and curious about space objects such as the Russian meteor, and the asteroid that is passing near our planet, it seems like a good time to re-air this episode. “Meteors” looks at such objects from space and tries to determine if they are a continuing, serious threat. Menacing rocks from space such as meteors are perhaps the single greatest natural disaster to threaten Earth, according to the episode, and make severe weather events on our planet pale in comparison. Meteors can violently alter our atmosphere and climate, as well as threaten our very existence. From golf ball-sized rocks crashing through homes to Mt. Everest-sized boulders triggering mass extinctions, no one is safe from their potential wrath, as many Russians discovered recently. This episode explores the potential impact and aftermath of a meteor strike.

The “Meteors” episode of Deadliest Space Weather airs Feb. 15 at 9pm ET, with a repeat at midnight ET, on The Weather Channel.


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