Gypsy Sisters preview: Last Fling Before the Ring

When we left the Gypsy Sisters last week, everybody was suffering from major family drama. Mellie and Nettie were struggling with their emotions about mama Lottie Mae’s release from prison — and about each other. Kayla and her husband Richard were struggling with their emotions about their daughter’s growing interest in boys — especially one particular gorger boy. And calm and sunny Laura was pretty much stuck in the middle of all it, as per usual.

That’s right where we pick up for episode 3, aptly titled “Last Fling Before the Ring.”

Mellie alternates between snuggling up to her mama like a kitten and telling her to butt out of her business. Nettie wants Lottie Mae to acknowledge that Nettie was more a parent to her siblings than was Lottie — Mellie especially — but all Lottie can do is point out how she might have done a better job of reining the girl in.And Lottie keeps begging both girls for cash.

Meanwhile, it’s time for Mellie and Robbie to go shopping for wedding rings, where the bride’s growing ambivalence about the whole affair becomes evident. Same goes for Nettie’s announcement that she plans to host a traveling bachelorette party to Ocean City for the ladies.

Over at Kayla and Richard’s, the couple are relaxing with Laura and Gus after Danielle’s party, relieved that the night turned out to be a success. Later, Laura reveals her plans to surprise Kayla and Richard with a dinner outing for their 15th anniversary, to thank them for letting her and Gus bunk at their house.

As the RV loads up for Mellie’s bachelorette bash in Ocean City, a special guest arrives with Kayla and Laura — Kayla’s sister Annie. Mellie is delighted, though she fears for what the equally wild Annie’s presence might do for her vow not to drink, per Robbie’s wishes.

Will Laura’s surprise dinner for her in-laws go off without a hitch? Will Mellie keep her vow of sobriety? Will Mellie still be engaged when the RV heads for home? And exactly how much butter CAN Laura eat?

Find out when Gypsy Sisters: “Last Fling Before the Ring” premieres Sunday, Feb. 17 at 9/8CT on TLC.

Video/images: TLC

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