A&E pushes “The Governor’s Wife” to summer to make room for “Duck Dynasty”

The Governor’s Wife hasn’t even hit the airwaves yet but the drama is already underway. A&E originally set the reality series following 85-year-old former governor of Louisiana Edwin Edwards and his 34-year-old wife, Trina, for late February. Then the network moved it to mid-March. Now The Governor’s Wife will premiere this summer, in a move the network announced as necessary to make room for switching the time slot of mega-hit — and fellow Louisiana-set reality series — Duck Dynasty to 10pm ET/PT back from 9pm.

Edwin Edwards and Trina Edwards in A&E's "The Governor's Wife"It’s just as well, since the scheduling change will give A&E more time to get its story straight. In doing my prep work for my interview with Gov. Edwards and his wife, I had come across a few articles that mentioned the couple is expecting a child. So when I asked about them about it, I got differing answers. Trina would only say that they were trying to get pregnant, and that “our trials and tribulations on our quest to have a child” would be a major part of the show’s storyline. Then a few minutes later, after she had handed the phone to her husband, he began to answer tentatively until an A&E rep interrupted and gently reminded “Mr. Edwin” that he probably shouldn’t be talking about that. The wily politician then retorted with what instantly became one of my favorite moments in any interview ever.

He said, “I’m afraid that your question will not bear fruit, sir.”

A little reading between the lines could make one form the hypothesis that Trina is indeed pregnant — about 12 weeks along if the stories are accurate — and that by the new summer premiere date she will have given birth or be very close to it.