Jerseylicious Season 5, Episode 3 recap: “Two’s Company, Gigi’s a Crowd”

By Karen Ruud

Now in its third episode of the season, Jerseylicious is still full of the drama we have come to know with these crazy Jersey divas.

It’s not the typical Tracy & Olivia show, though. This time Gigi seems to be the troublemaker. Yeah, sweet little quiet Gigi. It must have slipped by me ’cause I never saw that Olivia had been pulling away from their friendship, but that seems to be the big premise of this season so far.

So let me get this straight. Olivia is no longer friends with Gigi because she realized that Gigi talks so much trash about Tracy when it’s just the two of them (Olivia & Gigi) — so, therefore, she (Gigi) must be talking trash about her (Olivia) to Tracy, then, too … right?

In Olivia’s eyes, since Gigi and Tracy are best friends, that is just not cool! Oh, and let’s not forget about the hoarding of some product that Gigi did not share. That is definitely cause to end a friendship.

So now that we have established that Olivia is on the outs with Gigi for being a supposed trash-talker, she wants Gigi to confront Tracy about this so that she (Gigi) can heal the friendship with her. WHATEVER!

If you ask me, this is just a bunch of made-up hoo-ha to have suckers like me watch Jerseylicious. Regardless, Gigi sort of complies and is all like, “Olivia is not friends with me anymore because she thinks I talk trash to you about her” — without even mentioning that she trash-talks Tracy to Olivia, too.

Confused? So am I. But what really erupts out of it instead of mended friendships is Gigi’s disgust for Tracy’s wedding and the lack of respect Tracy has for her family by not involving them. And the fact that Tracy never officially “asked” her to be in the bridal party but just sort of told her she would be.

Now THOSE arguments I totally get. Are you so blinded by love, Tracy, that you are fine cutting your parents out of one of the biggest days of your life? Or are you just that young, stupid and naive?

And really, leopard-print bridal dresses?! I get the whole style culture of these ladies, but that is so tacky! Oh wait, tacky is what it is supposed to be. At least we saw in last night’s episode that they picked out a classy venue, anyway. If they can afford it.

So, Tracy — being distraught over the whole “end of friendship” thing with Gigi — thinks it’s a good idea to just chat with Olivia to try and figure out what’s going on and how to fix it.

What we see next is quite the miracle. These two actually CAN get along — and Olivia actually sympathizes with Tracy and Tracy feels bad for being so mean to Olivia. WHAT? Maybe they both got kicked in the head on last season of Jerseylicious.

Still, I really hope, just for the sake of Jerseylicious, that they don’t become friends, because it’s quite humorous to watch them catfight. I especially loved in the first episode this season when Olivia ran into Gigi’s ex, Frankie, in a club and Tracy believed they were dating just ’cause they hung out for a night. Oy vey!

Elsewhere in Jerseylicious-land, we haven’t seen much of Gayle and the Gatsby clan, but I suppose why would we since Olivia isn’t there anymore and neither is Tracy? But Anthony decided to go there though to check out some new cutting-edge hair dryers, which did not sit well with his partner Cathy. I get that she is his partner and wants to be in on decision-making, but when you don’t know much about salon workings, maybe silent partner is the way to be. Just keep going to those underwear model shoots with your son Filly, lady. I mean, how creepy is that?!

In other Anthony Roberts news, we’ve seen him turn the big 4-0 and manage to convince Olivia to come work special events for him from time to time. And speaking of Olivia again, her own business seems to be off. And she is now a single girl. Yeah, all that mushiness with her and Mikey wore off and she realized she is just too career-orientated right now to be with him, so they split up.

It doesn’t hurt that she also had her eye on Jackie’s cousin Nick; Jackie promptly tells Nick and sets them up on a date. Oddly enough, a date at a club that Frankie and his buddies happened to be at.

So I have to ask: what IS up with this new Olivia and Frankie friendship? I doubt it is going anywhere romantically, but still — must be awkward. Then again, looking ahead to next week’s previews for Jerseylicious, it doesn’t exactly look like she is going to be friends with Gigi much longer …