Mellie Stanley is back in TLC’s “Gypsy Sisters”

Mellie Stanley is back!

The beautiful, brawling breakout star of TLC’s My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding — plus her mother-hen older sister Nettie, domestic goddess cousin Kayla and Kayla’s sister-in-law Laura (best known for conditioning her tresses with mayo and whitening her teeth with Clorox) have scored their own TLC series Gypsy Sisters, which premieres Feb. 10 at 9/8CT.

When we last left the ladies after their hit summertime special The Stanley Sisters, wild-child Mellie had taken up — then sworn she’d sworn off — stripping. She even told Channel Guide that she was considering marriage with her “musker” (that’s gypsy-speak for cop) beau.

My how things have changed. Or possibly stayed the same.

When we check back in with the Martinsburg, W.Va., women, there’s no sign of the marrying musker, and Mellie’s still stripping and partying to the point of fearing she’s alcoholic — which reaches a head on a disastrous chick trip to the racetrack in a Pepto-pink limo.

Turns out, Mel’s also lawyer-shopping in the hopes of avoiding jail on a bar-brawling charge. She says it’s the legal fees that keep her taking off her clothes for cash.

But there’s a bright spot on Mellie’s horizon in the form of her former beau Robbie, a gypsy boy she dated when her first marriage ended badly. Fearing she was too independent for another gypsy union, Mellie dumped Robbie and decided she’d only date gorgers.

Now Robbie’s back and Mellie’s changed her mind. Well sort of.  “Hell no, I’m not ready to be married!” she says. “But I’m not letting him go, neither. If I have to marry him to keep him, then I’ll do it.”

She makes it to the tattoo parlor, but will she make it down the aisle?

And the other ladies have more to worry about than planning a wedding for the black sheep of their family (and not killing each other in the process). Nettie’s 17-year-old daughter Dallas has also accepted a proposal — from her baby sister’s ex. Kayla’s teen daughter’s crushing on a gorger. And Nettie and Mellie’s con-artist mom Lottie Mae — who, Mellie reveals, was once #4 on America’s Most Wanted‘s top ten fugitives — is finally released from a Texas jail.

Get ready for more brawling, bling and don’t-try-this-at-home beauty secrets (like how to get a 10W-40-watt glow) when Gypsy Sisters premieres Sunday, Feb. 10 at 9/8CT on TLC.

Images/video: TLC

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  1. OMG! This is going to be the worst show on TV. A bunch of drunk gypsy sluts that is all America needs.

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